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Sunday, 1 January 2017


Little knowledge is dangerous?
Having little knowledge is better than no knowledge at all.What is dangerous is when we use little knowledge to apply to something bigger.Or when we assume ourlittle knowledge is big enough for us.In fact, you may be expert in solar energy but you may know nothing about flying an aeroplane, not to mention how to make nasi lemak!
Everyone starts with little knowledge.When we keep learning, our knowledge and understanding grow along the way.It is always a work in progress until we die.
Before I learn more about photography, a photo is just a photo. When I saw one, it is either nice, not nice or bad.I did not even know what was the meaning of the word 'nice'.As I learn and get more knowledge and understanding,I began to know more and began to learn how to appreciate beautiful photography.As the Malay proverb says:Tak kenal maka tak cinta!
When I re-learn the proper way to read Al-Quran with proper tajweed and meaning,I began to enjoy the beauty of Quranic recitations even though I may not know some of the meaning.Little knowledge is dangerous when you just finished a 3-month of Arabic Language class and you want to tafseer Quran on your own.My late father learnt Arabic Nahu for 15 years from Tok Kenali and yet he only became a teacher.
So,having little knowledge is not dangerous.Just keep learning and applying it appropriately at the proper places and times.