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Monday, 21 November 2016


Zuhayr is our first grand child.He is now four years old.He has travelled by plane but never travelled on a real train like the ERL train from Putrajaya to KLIA2.On Monday 21/11/2016 is a historc day for him.It reminds me of my first KTM train ride on 3/1/1965 from Palekbang to Gemas/KL/Tanjung Malim,Perak.He was very scared initially and got excited after we boarded the train.

I took many photos at the railway stations but the photos have her grandma with him.My wife is a very private person,so I am not allowed to post any photos.As grand parents,we enjoyed the ride as much as our grandson Zuhayr.Along the route,he could not keep sitting quiet but showing us what he saw and asking many questions.

Most children love to see aeroplanes.Usually he has to look  up to see them,but here he can look down.He was excited to see the plane taxing on the terminal apron and moving for take off.

After one hour loitering at KLIA2,we settled for nasi buryani and orange juice.Alhamdulilah.

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