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Monday, 3 October 2016


Cerita Kedaikopi : # 86-31.03.2002

The only way we're going to lose our relevance is if we stop learning..

"I have been reading your 'Cerita Kedaikopi' stories but I still have

not finished reading the previous ones",said

my friend who happens to be one of my avid readers."Well, I took four

years to write 85 stories but please donot

try to read them within a month. Take your time and read them at your

own pace-otherwise you will have indigestion.

By the way, don't forget to read my other weblogs and travel journals as

well", I replied. Then he asked," How come

I do not receive anything this month?

'Honestly, it is easier to read than to write. What more if one is busy

with one's own business and some urgent

family matters to attend to. My wife's uncle, a well known writer once

told me: You can't do both; either you

write or you do business. He is right and spoke from his experience. He

started writing and became a publisher

and owned a printing company. Later in the years, he could only do

writing and someone else had to do the

publishing and printing business. Writing is his business! And in my

case, managing project is my business and

writing is just a hobby. I will try harder to at least produce two short

stories/notes every month . Seriously, I am

considering to hand over my business to my partners and take a post

graduate studies so that I could have all

the time to read and to write. Then,insyaAllah, I will go into teaching

and do some freelance consultancy

business to foot my bills.

This month I wish to share my experience in the application of a little

bit of knowledge that I have in project

management. I thought I know enough to do a job but when I come to it, I

discover that I have a lot more to

learn. I admit that I lack the depth and the breadth of the knowledge as

well as the skills to apply it. So I started

buying books to read as much as I could for the last three months and at

the same time I met a few people

whom I believe know more than I do. The words of Kung Fu Tze keeps

ringing in my ears:

"The essence of knowledge is not having it but to apply it."

It is very true indeed."The more I dig into it, the more I learn that I

have to update my previous knowledge as

well as learn more from anyone,anyplace and anytime. In certain areas, I

have to re-examine my previous

maxims and start to learn,unlearn and relearn even from younger people."

May I qoute John Dooner,CEO and

Chairman of Interpublic Group:"The only way we're going to lose our

relevance is if we stop learning".

Acquiring and having knowledge is a personal thing. This I could do on

my own but when it comes to apply it, I

have to work with other people ,resources and the environment around the

project. As a leader or agent of

change, having knowledge alone is not enough. I need physical,

intellectual and spiritual strenghts to carry it

through. This is the challenge that you and me have to take by the horns

if we ever want to change for the

better. Anybody can start the game but only a few can finish the game!

We had water supply problems in 1998 and yet we had it again this month.

The question that begs the answer is

whether we have learnt anything from our mistakes. I think we should

also listed down the lessons that we have

not learnt as well. IMHO opinion, the states do not have the financial

resources to invest in water resources

capital expenditures. The federal government should take over and

provide good management.Period. I think

low cost housing projects is a good example. Privatisation is only one

of the financial model that may improve

the water supply industry. UK is a good example in privatisation but

Japan waterworks is still government owned

and managed , yet it works fine!

I could go on with a few more examples but then I will not do justice to

your power of imagination to explore on

your own to look for similar cases. Since the time is almost mid-night,

I will end my short note here with the

saying that common men learn form their mistakes but the wiser ones

learn from mistakes of others.

Notes: My observations indicate that many mistakes in project management

are repeated in many projects even

by the same consultants and contractors for a simple reason that thay

have failed to learn from their own and

as well as others' mistakes. In that case, they will surely lose their


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