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Good bye Kissman..

I lost another firend..

Good bye my friend Kissman Che Lah,may Allah The Most Merciful and Compassionate bless your soul and place you among the inhibitants of His Al Jannah.InsyaAllah.Last Friday morning,on reading his Facebook message that he got a heart and undergone some angio procedure at Hospital Serdang,I called and talked to him.He informed that everything went well and when I told I wanted to visit him he told me no need to come because that he will be discharged the next day.Sadly,something has gone wrong..Last night I got the news at about 9pm that he passed away at 6:30pm.Al-Fatihah for my friend Kissman.
Kissman was about twenty years my junior.He was an avid reader of my blog The Reader and after our exchanges of views we became friends.He came over to my house to seek some clarification/knowledge from me .Some years later ,he gave me a present- a book entitled The Muqadimmah by Ibnu Khaldun.This is no ordinary books and not many young people read this kind of heavy content.He was very interested in higher knowledge like sufism.
Last year,he called me to seek my advice to improve his laundry business.I hope he did well.Laundry shops are mushrooming now.
By the way,I am writing this note to share some lessons with younger friends.
1.Anyone can die at any age.Take care of our health-then tawwakal.
2.Donot wait until you are 60 to learn religion and do more ibadah.
3.Alway consult the counsel of your elders in personal life and business.

Thank you Kissman for being my good friend.May Allah reward you with al Jannah.InsyaAllah,we shall meet again..


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