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My blog was named The Reader.Lately,I am not doing justice to The Reader because I have been neglecting my reading and  had succumbed to photography hobby.I posted too many photos on my Facebook and blogs,not to mention buying Camera Magazines and books that it left me with no time to read novels,business management and religious books.I have to stop  this craziness and make my life more balanced.But then,who could resist the Fujifilm X100T camera that I am exploring for more than two months.Anyway, to The Reader,please accept my apologies.I must read at least two books in a month and not the other way around.I used to read a book a week but not any more.Age is catching up and my reading slows down.

The Reader is my blog.Before I got addicted-may be not strong enough verb for my obsession in photography,I blog two or three times a week at The Reader.At worse,I write once a week.Now,I am doing once a month.

In the last 60 days,I bought five new books to read.It must be due to my guilty sub-conscious mind doing itself healing work.The books are The Girl On The Train,The Italian Wife,When We Were Orphans,A World Without Islam and Negara Maslahah-Pemikiran Al-Ghazali dan Kontek Politik Malaysia.Now,I have more than enough on my plate to chew until end of this year.

If you are a bookworm or book lover,you won't believe that I would not buy a new book.It is a matter of when the good one comes along.

On checking my Goodreads account in cyberspace,I saw a few of friends had sent requests to be my friends and I did not approve them because I did not bother to check it out until a few days ago.To those affected by my inaction,please accept my apologies.

To facilitate sharing of information and experience in reading,I created a Goodreads Group called Bookcafe for my friends to join and share our love for reading.In case,I get lost in my photo walking ,may I ask my friend to pull my ears back to BookCafe and re-start my reading.

Notes on Photos:These photos were taken during our first gathering at Umai Cafe,Putrajaya.


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