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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Uncle Gadget

When I was in my late 40's,I used be known/called Uncle Gadget.Why?For the simple reason that I love electronic gadgets.It started with Palm Pilot back then..Later,I formed a group called PalmX.The rest is history - almost 20 years ago.Lately,when my iPad started  going to die due to old age,I began to explore the Tablet by Samsung/Apple/Amazon.I was looking for something simple and cheap and meeting basic need for reading and getting online.I explore the cyberspace and decided to buy two units of Amazon Fire Tablets for my mother and wife.By sheer coincidence, my son Maher was in Sunnyvale, California last week and I asked him to buy the Amazon Fire 7" tablets.Another lucky coincidence ,these tablets were on sale promotion and we got them at USD40/RM160 each-about 1/5 of iPad price.What a steal!

I love to be a geek again at 60 plus and enjoy tweaking this Tablet to install apps for my wife and mother to use.The biggest challenge is to make easy for my two ladies to use them.They never had and experience using a computer or smart phones before.

By profession,I am a civil engineers with professional status and registered with Board of Engineers,Malaysia.However,I love computer and other electronic gadgets.For the record,I had my first computer was Apple IIe way back in 1983.

Thinking aloud if allowed,when I have saved enough money,I want to buy this bigger toy as shown below..It is RM200k big boy toy.

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