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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Teachers at TIKL

Last week,I was counting days to attend the ReUnion Lunch with my teachers and friends from TIKL(SMTKL) since I left TIKL in December,1972 after my form 6.The gathering was attended by three teachers-Cikgu Fadilah,Cikgu Fatimah and Cikgu Kamariah and more than 100 of us.Thank you Dato Dr Shuib for organising and hosting this gracious event.

Cikgu Fadilah,sitting in the middle was my General Paper teacher when I was in 6th Form and Cikgu Fatimah ,sitting on the right was my Bahasa teacher.She inspired me to be an engineer when I told her I wanted to be a math teacher.On meeting her ,I reported to her that I had done her assignment to be a JKR engineer.I got my degree in 1976 but sadly I did not inform her.By the way,it is better late than never..