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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Walking on weekend

Every Saturday,my wife and me have our routine-walking in the park.It is our weekly event to keep us agile and fit.We usually choose a park that is shady to walk,nice views to see and has a few outdoor sport equipments to exercise.Most people just walk but we also stop at selected places to do body stretching.It is good for us as we grow older..

After on hour of walking,exercising and some stretching,we had a good sweaty workout.We felt great.On returning home,our bodies kept on sweating even after one hour we stop walking.At our age,we should be doing this three times a week,but we already feel happy and healthy just by doing once a week.

A walk in the park sounds easy.But we must do the right way to gain the most benefits.Healthy Park,Healthy People.InsyaAllah.

Recommended parks to walk in Putrajaya:
Putrajaya Lake Club,Chancerry Garden,Taman Wawsan,The Promenade betwwen The Souq and Alamanda ,Putrajaya Wetland ,Taman Botani and Taman Saujana Hijau.

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