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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Photo Journalism

I have been blogging for more than 15 years.With the popularity of facebook,I noticed that less than 50%  of my readers only keep visiting my blog.So I have posted most of my postings in my facebook as notes or stories.Lately,I am exploring to use my photography interest , my blogging skill and my knowledge and experience as civil engineer into a combo to venture and explore  photo journalism.

My field of interests shall be on the following areas:

1.Water Supply and Sanitation
2.Green Cities and Habitat
4.Cycling as Public Transport

From this month April,2016 I will post my photo journalism articles in this blog as a start with link to my Facebook.I look forward to my friends to guide me in this new endeavour.

I have been a senior citizen aka Warga Mas in Malaysia since three years ago-October,2012.There is not much time left for me to contribute to my society.So,I plan to travel more as well as contribute to matters that are close to my heart as listed above.This is an extension of my social work when I was Vice-President of Malaysia WaterAssociation and a civil engineer in JKR.

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