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Last Sunday 21/2/2016,I used my old Quansheng mobile radios to facilitate our group riding from KL City Hall to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.Sadly,these 3-year oldsets had gone kaput due to battery problems.So I informed this matter to our Putrajaya Cycling Club facebook group.I was planning to buy new sets  TYT TH-UVF8 when I saved enough money.

As they say,God works in mysterious way.On reading my predicament,Mr Desmond Goh,a fellow rider, offered to buy one set for us.Then,another set by Mr Loh and later a few other cycling group members offered some contributions. Within two days,I have collected RM910.I plan to buy 4 units and each one costs RM250.We need four sets and two of us keep two sets.Either one of us must be present at each ride so that at least two sets are available at any ride.If there is no more contributions,I will top up the balance.Thank you all my friends for your care and generousity.

To get and program these portable radios,I seeked the help of my good friend Kamarul Azhan.He is an electronic engineer and ex -Sapura General Manager.Last night,he delivered one unit and taught me how to use it.The other three sets we have to wait.The shop ran out of stock-very popular among amateur users.For my cycling,we are using Citizen Band 477.xxxx so that everyone can use.In my case,I can use other approved frequencies like 430.000 because I am licensed by MCMC.My callsign is 9W2PAD.

Almost every week I ride with my friends.And most of the time,I ended leading the tribe-not because I am a good rider at the age of 63 years old but more of my knowledge of the cycling lanes in Putrajaya.Way back in 2008,I started to cycle here.Then I joined a few cycling groups and ended being appointed as a committee member of PIPR-Putrajaya Inter Park Ride set up by Perbadanan Putrajaya.We started small with 20 riders and the climax was when we managed to attract more than 3000 riders to cycle in Putrajaya some three years later.I was glad to be working together with Tuan Mohd Niza to promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle.

Usually about two dozens of riders join me for our relax Sunday ride.They have diiferent levels of ability,capacity and experience to ride.Managing this group of diverse people need planning ,managing and control as we ride on the public roads and gardens.Communication while we are riding is critical in ensuring the group remain together and have a safe and fun  ride.We can plan the best route but anything can happen on the way and we need to communicate all the time.It is an event management training for me a few times a month.


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