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Saturday, 20 February 2016


Last night I took my mother for a walk at Alamanda Shopping Complex,Putrajaya.I come here almost once a week.It is about 10km from my house in Bangi.Many friends thought that I live in Putrajaya because of the photos I took and uploaded and not to mention about my weekly cycling activities there.To be honest ,I love to live in Putrajaya but as of today,I cannot afford the price of houses there.May be one fine day..

Both my mother and me are very particular about our shoes-for business or for pleasure.We like good quality shoes made by Clarks and Hush Puppies.They are a bit expensive but we buy them when they are on sale with 30 to 50 percent discount.

As we were window shopping,we came near a Hush Puppies Shop.My wife took my mother into the shop.To cut the long story short,my mother ended up with a pair of new shoes.She told told me now she can walk better-inspired by new shoes!

While waiting for my mother choosing her prying eyes landed at one pair of nice sandals.I like them but the shop did not have stock for my size.Thank God,I saved RM200.Such is life.Sometimes,I win and sometimes I lose.

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  1. masya Allah.Mek's shoe is exactly like mine except for mine is in dark brown,Abe Dib. I wore during my pregnancy and it is absolutely comfortable.