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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Kamal Ahmad

I met Kamal Ahamd at SDAR,Tg Malim way back in 1966.Both of us hailed from Kelantan.He was a Pasir Mas boy and I was from Bachok.Both of us were lucky to be selected to study in a boarding school.Kamal was my junior one year and we bocome good friends for three years in SDAR Tg Malim and later he joined me at TIKL.I became the school headboy in 1972 and he took over my post in 1973.Both of us love science and maths-I became an engineer and he chosed to be a physic teacher and one of the panels of examiners of National Examination Board.
Looking back over the last 50 years,we had good friendship.He was like a brother to me.I was choked to read the sad news of his death.The memories of our shared childhood started a slide show in my mind-the train rides to Tg Malim,weekend cheap matInee shows at Rex,the streets and shops we walked and ate during Tg Malim and KL days.MEE PANJANG/ICE KACANG ETC.Those were the days when we were students..
I wish to relate more stories but I could not proceed futher.Tears started to flow on my cheeks.So,my dear brother AllahYarham Kamal,may Allah accept your iman and amal and place you among the solihin and put you in His Jannah.
Al Fatihah and good bye my friend Kamal for now.InsyaAllah we meet again in the Hereafter.