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Monday, 21 November 2016


Zuhayr is our first grand child.He is now four years old.He has travelled by plane but never travelled on a real train like the ERL train from Putrajaya to KLIA2.On Monday 21/11/2016 is a historc day for him.It reminds me of my first KTM train ride on 3/1/1965 from Palekbang to Gemas/KL/Tanjung Malim,Perak.He was very scared initially and got excited after we boarded the train.

I took many photos at the railway stations but the photos have her grandma with him.My wife is a very private person,so I am not allowed to post any photos.As grand parents,we enjoyed the ride as much as our grandson Zuhayr.Along the route,he could not keep sitting quiet but showing us what he saw and asking many questions.

Most children love to see aeroplanes.Usually he has to look  up to see them,but here he can look down.He was excited to see the plane taxing on the terminal apron and moving for take off.

After one hour loitering at KLIA2,we settled for nasi buryani and orange juice.Alhamdulilah.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


I was on the Transit Train from KLIA to Putrajaya yesterday.On the way,I saw a dark cloud and I prayed to Allah to delay the rain until I arrived at Putrajaya Sentral where I park my car.On arrival,I was greeted with a down pour!OMG,now,I had to wait for the rain to stop.I was complaining..

There was no way for us to get to our car without getting wet.My wife suggested we walk around the station..May be we can buy dinner to take away.As I walked around reluctantly,we came upon a kiosk selling coffee/cakes.We were offered a small free cup of coffee as part of their product promotion.Immediately I accepted the offer.Having hot coffee on a raining day is great!

As we moved around,we came upon a Kerepok Leko Stall.This is another lovely surprise!We ordered a set of kerepok leko and enjoyed our 'high tea'.By the time we finished our meal,the rain stopped and we went to our car and drove home.

The above is my short story.The moral of the story is for you to interpret and take home a lesson learnt.Cheers and have a good day.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Thank you,Abang Rashid

Ten years ago,I gave this small gift to Abang Rashid when he celebrated his 50th anniversary on 26/8/2006.After a few years of illness ,he passed away just now at about 4pm at HUKL.Al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Tuan Haji Abdul Rashid Abu Hassan.May Allah bless his soul and place him among the inhabitants of Al-Jannah.

I became his next door neighbour for 25 years since 1984.All my children called him Atuk.He was 20 years my senior.Whenever,I balik kampung,he was my house caretaker and when I was out station,he became a grandfather to my kids.My youngest son Khatam Quran with his grandson at his house.When I was living home for my Hajj,he called The Azan and read the do'a for my safety.He prayed at the masjid almost everyday and a devout muslim.Not even once,he hurt my feelings.

Good-bye Abang Rashid...And thank for everything you had done for me and my children,especially for Munir Adib.Jazakallahu Khairan.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Good bye Kissman..

I lost another firend..

Good bye my friend Kissman Che Lah,may Allah The Most Merciful and Compassionate bless your soul and place you among the inhibitants of His Al Jannah.InsyaAllah.Last Friday morning,on reading his Facebook message that he got a heart and undergone some angio procedure at Hospital Serdang,I called and talked to him.He informed that everything went well and when I told I wanted to visit him he told me no need to come because that he will be discharged the next day.Sadly,something has gone wrong..Last night I got the news at about 9pm that he passed away at 6:30pm.Al-Fatihah for my friend Kissman.
Kissman was about twenty years my junior.He was an avid reader of my blog The Reader and after our exchanges of views we became friends.He came over to my house to seek some clarification/knowledge from me .Some years later ,he gave me a present- a book entitled The Muqadimmah by Ibnu Khaldun.This is no ordinary books and not many young people read this kind of heavy content.He was very interested in higher knowledge like sufism.
Last year,he called me to seek my advice to improve his laundry business.I hope he did well.Laundry shops are mushrooming now.
By the way,I am writing this note to share some lessons with younger friends.
1.Anyone can die at any age.Take care of our health-then tawwakal.
2.Donot wait until you are 60 to learn religion and do more ibadah.
3.Alway consult the counsel of your elders in personal life and business.

Thank you Kissman for being my good friend.May Allah reward you with al Jannah.InsyaAllah,we shall meet again..

Monday, 3 October 2016


Cerita Kedaikopi : # 86-31.03.2002

The only way we're going to lose our relevance is if we stop learning..

"I have been reading your 'Cerita Kedaikopi' stories but I still have

not finished reading the previous ones",said

my friend who happens to be one of my avid readers."Well, I took four

years to write 85 stories but please donot

try to read them within a month. Take your time and read them at your

own pace-otherwise you will have indigestion.

By the way, don't forget to read my other weblogs and travel journals as

well", I replied. Then he asked," How come

I do not receive anything this month?

'Honestly, it is easier to read than to write. What more if one is busy

with one's own business and some urgent

family matters to attend to. My wife's uncle, a well known writer once

told me: You can't do both; either you

write or you do business. He is right and spoke from his experience. He

started writing and became a publisher

and owned a printing company. Later in the years, he could only do

writing and someone else had to do the

publishing and printing business. Writing is his business! And in my

case, managing project is my business and

writing is just a hobby. I will try harder to at least produce two short

stories/notes every month . Seriously, I am

considering to hand over my business to my partners and take a post

graduate studies so that I could have all

the time to read and to write. Then,insyaAllah, I will go into teaching

and do some freelance consultancy

business to foot my bills.

This month I wish to share my experience in the application of a little

bit of knowledge that I have in project

management. I thought I know enough to do a job but when I come to it, I

discover that I have a lot more to

learn. I admit that I lack the depth and the breadth of the knowledge as

well as the skills to apply it. So I started

buying books to read as much as I could for the last three months and at

the same time I met a few people

whom I believe know more than I do. The words of Kung Fu Tze keeps

ringing in my ears:

"The essence of knowledge is not having it but to apply it."

It is very true indeed."The more I dig into it, the more I learn that I

have to update my previous knowledge as

well as learn more from anyone,anyplace and anytime. In certain areas, I

have to re-examine my previous

maxims and start to learn,unlearn and relearn even from younger people."

May I qoute John Dooner,CEO and

Chairman of Interpublic Group:"The only way we're going to lose our

relevance is if we stop learning".

Acquiring and having knowledge is a personal thing. This I could do on

my own but when it comes to apply it, I

have to work with other people ,resources and the environment around the

project. As a leader or agent of

change, having knowledge alone is not enough. I need physical,

intellectual and spiritual strenghts to carry it

through. This is the challenge that you and me have to take by the horns

if we ever want to change for the

better. Anybody can start the game but only a few can finish the game!

We had water supply problems in 1998 and yet we had it again this month.

The question that begs the answer is

whether we have learnt anything from our mistakes. I think we should

also listed down the lessons that we have

not learnt as well. IMHO opinion, the states do not have the financial

resources to invest in water resources

capital expenditures. The federal government should take over and

provide good management.Period. I think

low cost housing projects is a good example. Privatisation is only one

of the financial model that may improve

the water supply industry. UK is a good example in privatisation but

Japan waterworks is still government owned

and managed , yet it works fine!

I could go on with a few more examples but then I will not do justice to

your power of imagination to explore on

your own to look for similar cases. Since the time is almost mid-night,

I will end my short note here with the

saying that common men learn form their mistakes but the wiser ones

learn from mistakes of others.

Notes: My observations indicate that many mistakes in project management

are repeated in many projects even

by the same consultants and contractors for a simple reason that thay

have failed to learn from their own and

as well as others' mistakes. In that case, they will surely lose their


Wednesday, 21 September 2016


My blog was named The Reader.Lately,I am not doing justice to The Reader because I have been neglecting my reading and  had succumbed to photography hobby.I posted too many photos on my Facebook and blogs,not to mention buying Camera Magazines and books that it left me with no time to read novels,business management and religious books.I have to stop  this craziness and make my life more balanced.But then,who could resist the Fujifilm X100T camera that I am exploring for more than two months.Anyway, to The Reader,please accept my apologies.I must read at least two books in a month and not the other way around.I used to read a book a week but not any more.Age is catching up and my reading slows down.

The Reader is my blog.Before I got addicted-may be not strong enough verb for my obsession in photography,I blog two or three times a week at The Reader.At worse,I write once a week.Now,I am doing once a month.

In the last 60 days,I bought five new books to read.It must be due to my guilty sub-conscious mind doing itself healing work.The books are The Girl On The Train,The Italian Wife,When We Were Orphans,A World Without Islam and Negara Maslahah-Pemikiran Al-Ghazali dan Kontek Politik Malaysia.Now,I have more than enough on my plate to chew until end of this year.

If you are a bookworm or book lover,you won't believe that I would not buy a new book.It is a matter of when the good one comes along.

On checking my Goodreads account in cyberspace,I saw a few of friends had sent requests to be my friends and I did not approve them because I did not bother to check it out until a few days ago.To those affected by my inaction,please accept my apologies.

To facilitate sharing of information and experience in reading,I created a Goodreads Group called Bookcafe for my friends to join and share our love for reading.In case,I get lost in my photo walking ,may I ask my friend to pull my ears back to BookCafe and re-start my reading.

Notes on Photos:These photos were taken during our first gathering at Umai Cafe,Putrajaya.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pak Non

I knew Allahyarham Pak Non many years ago via our blogging activities.He hailed from Alor Setar but lived in Putrajaya. According to my friend Pak Hasnul Arifin,he passed away last month,but sadly I knew of it only today when my birthday wishes for Pak Non got a response from his friend that Pak Non has passed away.May Allah bless his soul and put him among the solihin and return to al Jannah,insyaAllah.

As fellow senior bloggers,we read each other blogs and he gave me a lot of advice.He was also an avid photographer and has a few photo books.On one morning,we met at Presint 8 for photo walking and later I had breakfast with him and his family.We took each other photos.

Dear Pak Non:My apologies to you,Sir for not making an effort to visit you in Titi Gajah,Kedah.InsyaAllah I shall compile my photos of Putrajaya into a book.

Thank you Sir for your brotherly advice.

Pak Non's blog.

Friday, 19 August 2016


In this photo,I don't have the full view of the sun as it arises due to some clouds but I know for sure the blurred whitish image hanging above the horizon is the sun.Sometimes,we see the sun in full view,at times ,it is fully hidden and sometimes it is partly hidden.But we know it is there all the time.If not,all of us will be frozen to death.
When we see a beautiful sun rise,the first hijab was removed-the physical layer.Peeling off another layer with some knowledge,we know and understand what is the sun,its location relative to where we are and what is it made of and what roles it plays in the whole solar system and the universe.

I just wonder how the sun could continue giving us light and heat(among other things that I don't know of) non- stop for thousands of years?What kind of fuel it uses?Another layers of hijab will open and tells us there is a continuous state of nuclear fission taking place there..As we probe further and deeper,I come to question that science does not have an answer:Who created and put the sun into orbit for the benefits of mankind?
From seeing ,we move to understanding and we go further to meaning.Going deeper,we dig into the meaning of the meaning.

Once a month in the 60s,my late father took me to Kota Bahru for shopping with my mother.On one occasion,after our lunch at Sumatra Restaurant,he suddenly told me that we had to go home.I was not very happy because I needed more time to wander around in KB.I complained to him but he said no and we have to go home.When I asked why ,he replied:"A lot of people are waiting to see me at our house".I asked again,"How do you know?"(No mobile phone at that time)He replied,"I have kashaf.You have 14 inches hijab".I just shut up and followed him.By the way,my late father was Tok Guru Pondok Beris,Bachok ,Kelantan.Only 40 years later I knew the meaning of hijab.
Once the 'hijab' is removed,then we can 'see'.

Friday, 5 August 2016



About a week ago,I met my SDARA senior Dato Salamon Selamat at our Hari Raya gathering at Putrajaya Lake Club.On seeing him,I went straight to see him and thanked him for teaching me a good habit I acquired more than 50 years when I was in Remove Class, SDAR,Tanjung Malim.He was in form four then and a school prefect.During a prep class,he taught me to set up a vocabulary book.At that time,as a kampung boy I think I knew not more than 100 word of English as I came from a Malay medium school.In six years,when I sat for my MCE,I got C3 for my English.As they say,the rest is history.

Well,what is so great about words?As a simple example,without knowing the right word,I would not be able to write a good sentence.Empowered with the command of English language,I was able to get an engineering degree from Sheffield ,England.Again,the rest is history.

To young parents,please inculcate the culture of having a vocabulary book for your children.It is a great asset for them later in their adult life.By the way,I have a few dictionaries in the office and at home.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Teaching is my passion..

A few years after I graduated with civil engineering degree and working  for JKR,my late father asked me to resign and become a teacher.My father was Tok Guru Pondok Beris,Bachok,Kelantan.He wanted me to teach and impart knowledge to others because  of more 'pahala' from Allah.I was more interested  in getting  higher post in my career and more money then.So,I continued working for JKR for almost nine years  until resigned in 1984 to join private sector for greener pastures.

Almost 18 years later..

In 2002,I met two gentlemen who are members of PMI-Project Management Institute,Malaysia Chapter.We share a common passion in project management.A year later,I formed a Project Management Training company with them as my associates or I called them my partners in crime.We went out to tell people of the PMI Model of managing projects.To my expectation,I love getting paid for talking about this passionate subject of mine.Slowly,I fade away from my construction company and left the operation to my brother.I am now full time project and business consultant since 2003.

How I wished my father is still alive so that I could tell him that I am a teacher.He should be proud that his son's firm has trained a few hundreds JKR and consultant firms professionals in managing their projects better.Not only that I am a teacher/consultant but I also earned more money than being an engineer per se!

Two years ago,I came across INSKEN-Institut Keusahawanan Negera.I share their goals in helping SME bumiputra to prosper and grow their business.Last month,I attended 3-day course to be business facilitator and this month I attended another 3-day course to be a Business Counsellor /Coach[BC],InsyaAllah.Hopefully in three months time,I shall be officially certified BC and be able to contribute to the growth and success of bumiputra SME business.Today,I received an appointed letter from INSKEN as BC starting 1st July ,2016.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Uncle Gadget

When I was in my late 40's,I used be known/called Uncle Gadget.Why?For the simple reason that I love electronic gadgets.It started with Palm Pilot back then..Later,I formed a group called PalmX.The rest is history - almost 20 years ago.Lately,when my iPad started  going to die due to old age,I began to explore the Tablet by Samsung/Apple/Amazon.I was looking for something simple and cheap and meeting basic need for reading and getting online.I explore the cyberspace and decided to buy two units of Amazon Fire Tablets for my mother and wife.By sheer coincidence, my son Maher was in Sunnyvale, California last week and I asked him to buy the Amazon Fire 7" tablets.Another lucky coincidence ,these tablets were on sale promotion and we got them at USD40/RM160 each-about 1/5 of iPad price.What a steal!

I love to be a geek again at 60 plus and enjoy tweaking this Tablet to install apps for my wife and mother to use.The biggest challenge is to make easy for my two ladies to use them.They never had and experience using a computer or smart phones before.

By profession,I am a civil engineers with professional status and registered with Board of Engineers,Malaysia.However,I love computer and other electronic gadgets.For the record,I had my first computer was Apple IIe way back in 1983.

Thinking aloud if allowed,when I have saved enough money,I want to buy this bigger toy as shown below..It is RM200k big boy toy.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Teachers at TIKL

Last week,I was counting days to attend the ReUnion Lunch with my teachers and friends from TIKL(SMTKL) since I left TIKL in December,1972 after my form 6.The gathering was attended by three teachers-Cikgu Fadilah,Cikgu Fatimah and Cikgu Kamariah and more than 100 of us.Thank you Dato Dr Shuib for organising and hosting this gracious event.

Cikgu Fadilah,sitting in the middle was my General Paper teacher when I was in 6th Form and Cikgu Fatimah ,sitting on the right was my Bahasa teacher.She inspired me to be an engineer when I told her I wanted to be a math teacher.On meeting her ,I reported to her that I had done her assignment to be a JKR engineer.I got my degree in 1976 but sadly I did not inform her.By the way,it is better late than never..

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Walking on weekend

Every Saturday,my wife and me have our routine-walking in the park.It is our weekly event to keep us agile and fit.We usually choose a park that is shady to walk,nice views to see and has a few outdoor sport equipments to exercise.Most people just walk but we also stop at selected places to do body stretching.It is good for us as we grow older..

After on hour of walking,exercising and some stretching,we had a good sweaty workout.We felt great.On returning home,our bodies kept on sweating even after one hour we stop walking.At our age,we should be doing this three times a week,but we already feel happy and healthy just by doing once a week.

A walk in the park sounds easy.But we must do the right way to gain the most benefits.Healthy Park,Healthy People.InsyaAllah.

Recommended parks to walk in Putrajaya:
Putrajaya Lake Club,Chancerry Garden,Taman Wawsan,The Promenade betwwen The Souq and Alamanda ,Putrajaya Wetland ,Taman Botani and Taman Saujana Hijau.

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Pantai Irama,located in the district of Bachok, is a popular beach since I was a kid in the 60s.My mother,uncles and anties took me here for picnic and swim.I have a lot memories and fun on this strip of sandy beach which is about 5km from my house at Pondok Beris where I was born.Since my late father never allow me to swim in any rivers,this is my public swimming pool of the yesteryears.

My interest in environmental issues only crept in during my early 50s.My eyes began to see many physical damages and deterioration to our environment as the nation trying harder to become modern and prosperous.Along the way,our greed and ignorant of environmental impact made us pay for the what are experiencing now with hot weather and possible threat of water shortage.Flash floods are monthly sufferings and 2014 Kelantan Flood is a great wake up call.Now,we have gone back to sleep again.Blame it on the El Nino.

I have seen and a living witness to the negative impacts of the monsoon time along the coast of Kelantan especially Pantai Cahaya Bulan and Pantai Irama.The three photos above were taken in December,2005.During the fierce monsoon winds and waves,the Souch China Sea was very rough.The existing flood and erosion concrete barriers were broken to pieces and got buried.Beautiful beaches were destroyed and lines of casuarina and coconut trees were eaten away by the raging and pounding sea waves.There was no mercy at all.

From my observation as an engineer, the repairs and rehabilitation works were done but too late and too little.What is worse,it was badly designed and destroyed the beauty of the beaches.As a local Bachok man,I am very disappointed.Beach protection and maintenance are not rocket science and space technology.And yet,we failed again and again to preserve Allah 's beautiful gift to all of us. And  we failed to deliver the trust of the next generation to ensure what we have today and handover to them in good conditions.

The above coconut trees are still there now.Every time I go back to my village,I take my sons and my grand children to  the beaches of Pantai Irama and Pantai Cahaya Bulan.I am not sure when my grand kids become adults in 20 years time,whether these beautiful beaches are there or not for them.

What are you going to do about it?

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Photo Journalism

I have been blogging for more than 15 years.With the popularity of facebook,I noticed that less than 50%  of my readers only keep visiting my blog.So I have posted most of my postings in my facebook as notes or stories.Lately,I am exploring to use my photography interest , my blogging skill and my knowledge and experience as civil engineer into a combo to venture and explore  photo journalism.

My field of interests shall be on the following areas:

1.Water Supply and Sanitation
2.Green Cities and Habitat
4.Cycling as Public Transport

From this month April,2016 I will post my photo journalism articles in this blog as a start with link to my Facebook.I look forward to my friends to guide me in this new endeavour.

I have been a senior citizen aka Warga Mas in Malaysia since three years ago-October,2012.There is not much time left for me to contribute to my society.So,I plan to travel more as well as contribute to matters that are close to my heart as listed above.This is an extension of my social work when I was Vice-President of Malaysia WaterAssociation and a civil engineer in JKR.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Foto Kenangan-Pantai Irama 2010

Foto diambil pada Disember,2010

Pantai Irama,Bachok,Kelantan.

Barisan terakhir pokok kelapa.

Kubu Inggeris menjunam ke Laut Cina Selatan.

Masihkah kita dapa melihat suasana begini pada tahun 2020?

Friday, 26 February 2016


I have seen many beautiful scenarios and happenings in the masjid-before,during and after the solat.Most of the photos were taken when I only have mobile camera.I don't think it is appropriate for me to bring my Fujifilm XT1.On certain occassion,I may bring my compact camera Lumix LX5.

Herewith I am sharing about the effect of light  on various part of the masjid and also and the time-before,during and after the solat.
It can bring out the hidden beauty of masjid's features which may been hiddep for anothering generation.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Last Sunday 21/2/2016,I used my old Quansheng mobile radios to facilitate our group riding from KL City Hall to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.Sadly,these 3-year oldsets had gone kaput due to battery problems.So I informed this matter to our Putrajaya Cycling Club facebook group.I was planning to buy new sets  TYT TH-UVF8 when I saved enough money.

As they say,God works in mysterious way.On reading my predicament,Mr Desmond Goh,a fellow rider, offered to buy one set for us.Then,another set by Mr Loh and later a few other cycling group members offered some contributions. Within two days,I have collected RM910.I plan to buy 4 units and each one costs RM250.We need four sets and two of us keep two sets.Either one of us must be present at each ride so that at least two sets are available at any ride.If there is no more contributions,I will top up the balance.Thank you all my friends for your care and generousity.

To get and program these portable radios,I seeked the help of my good friend Kamarul Azhan.He is an electronic engineer and ex -Sapura General Manager.Last night,he delivered one unit and taught me how to use it.The other three sets we have to wait.The shop ran out of stock-very popular among amateur users.For my cycling,we are using Citizen Band 477.xxxx so that everyone can use.In my case,I can use other approved frequencies like 430.000 because I am licensed by MCMC.My callsign is 9W2PAD.

Almost every week I ride with my friends.And most of the time,I ended leading the tribe-not because I am a good rider at the age of 63 years old but more of my knowledge of the cycling lanes in Putrajaya.Way back in 2008,I started to cycle here.Then I joined a few cycling groups and ended being appointed as a committee member of PIPR-Putrajaya Inter Park Ride set up by Perbadanan Putrajaya.We started small with 20 riders and the climax was when we managed to attract more than 3000 riders to cycle in Putrajaya some three years later.I was glad to be working together with Tuan Mohd Niza to promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle.

Usually about two dozens of riders join me for our relax Sunday ride.They have diiferent levels of ability,capacity and experience to ride.Managing this group of diverse people need planning ,managing and control as we ride on the public roads and gardens.Communication while we are riding is critical in ensuring the group remain together and have a safe and fun  ride.We can plan the best route but anything can happen on the way and we need to communicate all the time.It is an event management training for me a few times a month.

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Last night I took my mother for a walk at Alamanda Shopping Complex,Putrajaya.I come here almost once a week.It is about 10km from my house in Bangi.Many friends thought that I live in Putrajaya because of the photos I took and uploaded and not to mention about my weekly cycling activities there.To be honest ,I love to live in Putrajaya but as of today,I cannot afford the price of houses there.May be one fine day..

Both my mother and me are very particular about our shoes-for business or for pleasure.We like good quality shoes made by Clarks and Hush Puppies.They are a bit expensive but we buy them when they are on sale with 30 to 50 percent discount.

As we were window shopping,we came near a Hush Puppies Shop.My wife took my mother into the shop.To cut the long story short,my mother ended up with a pair of new shoes.She told told me now she can walk better-inspired by new shoes!

While waiting for my mother choosing her prying eyes landed at one pair of nice sandals.I like them but the shop did not have stock for my size.Thank God,I saved RM200.Such is life.Sometimes,I win and sometimes I lose.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Kamal Ahmad

I met Kamal Ahamd at SDAR,Tg Malim way back in 1966.Both of us hailed from Kelantan.He was a Pasir Mas boy and I was from Bachok.Both of us were lucky to be selected to study in a boarding school.Kamal was my junior one year and we bocome good friends for three years in SDAR Tg Malim and later he joined me at TIKL.I became the school headboy in 1972 and he took over my post in 1973.Both of us love science and maths-I became an engineer and he chosed to be a physic teacher and one of the panels of examiners of National Examination Board.
Looking back over the last 50 years,we had good friendship.He was like a brother to me.I was choked to read the sad news of his death.The memories of our shared childhood started a slide show in my mind-the train rides to Tg Malim,weekend cheap matInee shows at Rex,the streets and shops we walked and ate during Tg Malim and KL days.MEE PANJANG/ICE KACANG ETC.Those were the days when we were students..
I wish to relate more stories but I could not proceed futher.Tears started to flow on my cheeks.So,my dear brother AllahYarham Kamal,may Allah accept your iman and amal and place you among the solihin and put you in His Jannah.
Al Fatihah and good bye my friend Kamal for now.InsyaAllah we meet again in the Hereafter.