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Saturday, 29 August 2015

No democracy..

When it comes to truth and knowledge, there is no democracy of public opinion.The truth will stand on its own evidence and knowledge is either we have or we don't.Period.

Opinions vary with people,space and time.

If you believe in what what you are doing,then keep on doing  it even if you are alone-or you may look weird or funny to others.The photo shown is a lady who prefers to  keep reading while waiting for her train.Bravo!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hazy highways

Today,I suffered again from the presence of the haze as I travelled from Changloon to Bangi-a distance of about 500km.Every year we Malaysians have to suffer because our neighbours keep cutting and burning their trees.I heard talks are being held to resolve the issue but it remains only talks.

Personally,I had enough of these talks..What kind of neighbour who knowingly makes us suffer for their own convenience and profit?

Below are photos taken during my car driveas evidence of NO ACTION,TALK ONLY i.e NATO

My sling bag

The photo shown is my old favourite sling bag .I have a few more colourful ones but they are meant for different occassions. This grey and worn one is still my favourite. Inside it are my wallet,book yo read,notebook and pen.My cap/kopiah are also inside.

Friday, 21 August 2015

My photos now are at Getty Images

I am very happy to receive this type of email from EyeEm-almost every month.It shows that my photos are being observed and selected from time to time and put on sale at Getty Images.It keeps me inspired and motivated.When my photo gets chosen,it is a recognition of my photography.When,it gets sold it is acknowledged rewards.

If you wish your photos to be sold at Getty Images,join and submit your shots for sale.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


My last posting was about being mentally active.Last weekend,I had three days of mental hiking and mountain biking through a journey of listening, talking, dramas, listening to poems,acting ,pretending and reflecting on a body of knowledge related to governance.It was more than what I asked for.Next time,I  better be careful with what I  asked for-I may ended with too much too chew like the foods and drinks provided by the hotel during our lunches and dinners.

It was a new way of  learning for me in the methodology used to get the people to learn and understand a new concept.It was very effective way to get to know what it was through answering probing questions and sharing the answers with fellow participants.Later,we told our personal stories to reflect the meanings of what we understood about the concept.On the last and third day,we gathered what we have learnt and created scenario where the new knowledge could be applied.

As a trainer in project management,I became a trainee in governance workshop.When the role was reversed,I could learn how the coaching gets into the trainee.

Today I need a rest to allow my body,mind and soul to  be relieved of various stress and strain they had suffered and enjoyed in the last three days.Tomorrow,I am going cycling with my buddies.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Mentally active as we grow older..

I read a book a month and blog every other day.To keep my creative juice flowing,I take photos almost daily.These are my routine activities to keep me going as I entered my senior years or old age.I don't have many years left,so I want to make the best of what I have for now..

Two months ago,I was nominated to be a coach in a MBA program by a local business school.From tonight,I will be attending a three days retreat with fellow academicians and industry experts to develop a course curriculum for 18 months MBA program.I will do less lecture but more on business case studies and coaching future business leaders.My concept will be based on MAN OF ADAB-  a model that will apply Islamic values and practice in the context of hablum minallah and hablum minanas.

Teaching the young is a pre-requisite for great civilisation.The old and experienced like me must share and impart our knowledge and experiences before we die.That is why I took up this challenge.Other than earning some money,I will have sedakah jariah with whatever knowledge I left behind,insyaAllah.

My late father was a Tok Guru Pondok in Kelantan in the 50s&60s..I have chosen to be an engineer against his wishes.He wanted me to be a teacher.Now,by becoming a coach,I will be a teacher to working managers who are doing their MBA degrees.At last,I shall fulfillmy father's wishes some 35 after his death,insyaAllah.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Last sunday,I chose to ride my bicycle with my friends in Putrajaya.I was not feeling well a few days before,But I forced myself to be active instead of resting at home and feeling misery alone.It has done me a lot of good.Instead of my original plan to cycle only 10km,I ended cycling 20km and visiting two good locations by the Putrajaya  lakes for shooting photos.My gloomy feelings turned me into a happy man just by cycling.
Photo by Janet Chen

I don't know what went into my body or mind,but I felt energetic and happy after the ride.We chatted and laughed along the route and at our pitstops.This is not my first experience but it is one of the benefits of cycling in a group of good friends.Others also have simialar good experience/benefits from cycling.It is also a way to de-stress after a week of working.If you are not into cycling,walking is also a good activity with similar benefits.By the way,I do both cycling on weekends and walking on weekdays.

Photos of my PUR friends having drinks after our ride.

From my observations,my twice a month cycling is not adequate for my aging body to keep fit and healthy.I need to cycle every week with friends.On some weekends,I am not free due to family get together and social functions.To keep once a week cycling,I plan to cycle on Wednesdays as well.

To add more fun to our cycling,many of us take photos of our cycling activities as well as the places we passed through.

To my peers-those in lates 50s and early 60s,let us stay active,fit and healthy.I bet you,it is more fun than being sick!Just look at the black swans who keep pedalling when they are in the water..

Friday, 7 August 2015

The age has spoken..

I am not feeling well this week.This morning,I had to see a doctor because I felt grooggy in my head and  weak in my chest.On inspection and test,my sugar blood is normal and blood pressure is okay.I was told that I must eat carbo in the morning and take care of my diets.It was due to low sugar in my blood.This morning,I ate oats with milk and drank Nescafe before my solat suboh.I started feeling weak and sick while performing my solat at the masjid.The Imam read Surah Sejadah and Surat Al-Insan and my body was struggling to keep standing.My age has spoken that I am a de facto senior citizen with physical limitations.Gone were my roaring 40s and rolling 50s.I became a 60 years old man in September,2012 but I still felt young three years ago.Now,not any more...Now, I must behave like any other senior citizen.

This week is a great wake up call for me to be aware that I am in my 60s..I am blessed with good health for the last six decades and at the moment do not suffer any major or chronic illness.I am not on any medication.My only daily supplements are cod liver oil,garlic oil and pharmaton.Alhamdulilah.

I still work for my living and do not have any pension like many of friends who worked for the government.I am still working 2 or 3 days a week as a business/project consultant. From next month September,2015,I will be will giving lectures/coaching to MBA students in a local business school.This is my way to share and impart my 30 years experience to the next generations of business leaders.For my family business,I have been coaching and grooming my youngest son to take over and run my business.Hopefully,I can handover fully in two years time when I am 65 years old and he is 28 years old,insyaAllah.

Monday, 3 August 2015


Yesterday,I had great time with my SDARA members celebrating our Hari Raya Puasa.It was held at Astaka Okid,UPM.This is a good way where old friends can meet one another at one place and in one session.At my age,it is not easy to visit 10 friends in one month.Yesterday,I met at least 100 SDARA friends.I was in SDAR,Tanjung Malim from 1965 to 1968.Those were our formative years..

A few of my batch  have passed away.It is time for us to share good time before we fade away.We first met in the 60s  and most of us are in our 60s now.All are in the Q to return to Allah..