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Friday, 31 July 2015


I was tired last night,and fell asleep just after 9pm.At 2:30AM I was awaken by bad dream and now I cannot go back to sleep.First thing,I check my whatapps groups,my emails and my Facebook.Then,I uploaded a few good photos to Fujifilm to take part in international Fujifilm competition and added a few photos to

Reading the reports,news and messages from newsportals and social media made me sleepless.All Malaysians read the news but what are facts,lies,rumours are yet to be ascertained.On Tuesday 28/7/2015,a few ministers and senior government officers were replaced.As one of the informed and rational Malaysians,I am very worried what lies ahead-politically and economically.Everyone of us have our own personal views based on one's information,knowledge and experience.But one thing is common:What lies ahead of us as a nation?

Personally,I offer no suggestions and recommendation on the way how we should govern our country and neither what political system we should adopt. I am no expert in these matters.However,as a nation,the politicians,the government officers and the intellectuals must pool their resources and work together for Malaysia.Leaders come and leaders go,management come and management go,but the nation remains and must prevail.We must have the right system in place.Let us look back in the last three decades since Tun Mahathir Muhamad and to the present Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak eras.What had gone wrong,what we had done right;we need review and replan and move forward.

My generation of leaders in government and business sectors are old,aging and fading away.We need to groom and train new leaders to last  this 21st century.What is the rush to be developed nation by 2020?What matters most is we are on the right path and moving forward and not backward.

May I quote Voltaire:The common minds talk about events,but the great minds talk about ideas.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Walking with style

This is my photowalk with my grandson at KLCC.This boy can makes  me laugh and angry at times.He also knows to act for me to take photos .Thank God.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


This morning I was very happy to meet a friend about a business proposal.On returning home at 4:30pm,I got a very sad news that my dear friend Allahyarham Dato' Seri Dr Wahid Omar has passed away at his house this afternoon.Life is such..

Before last Ramadan ,I called him but his wife took the call.She informed me the late Dato' Seri was not well.When I asked what day I could visit him,his wife told me that Dato' Seri sleep during the day.So,I decided to visit him during Eidil Fitri.On 2nd Syawal,I called his house but no one answered the call.I presumed that my friend was sick and not in a situation to receive visitors.May be I should call again on better time.Twenty six days later,he passed away.

I knew Dr Wahid when we shared the same office on 1st floor,Wisma PKNS,Jalan Raja Laut since 1984.We remained good and close friend for about 30 years.He was the best structural engineer that JKR has ever had and a man of impeccable intergrity and will stick to his principles of good values and abide by the discipline of his knowledge even against the desire and commands from his superiors.He only feared Allah and I was his witness.Wakaffabillahi shahida..

Ya Allah,please forgive my friend Abdul Wahid Omar.Now,he returned to You,My Lord.Please accept him ,forgive him and put him among the solihin and grant him Al-Jahnah as his final abode.Amin Ya Rabbul 'Alamin.

Monday, 27 July 2015


Now,I am back home in Bangi,Selangor.I took seven days leave to go back to my kampung to celebrate Eid with my mother,sons and grand children at Pondok Beris,Bachok where I was born 62 years ago.It was a week of great food,family togetherness and fun for me and my wife.

During the seven days,all my online interactions and engagement for business and pleasure were done via my Galaxy Samsung Note3  smart phone.I did not take along my PC or my iPad.I survived on Note3-not to mention about taking photos whenever I did not my Fujifilm XT1 with me.Notes3 served me well.Two years ago,I bought it for RM2200.Now,it is selling at RM1600.My next purchase is Note4.

Note4 is selling at about RM2400.If I add another RM200,I will get a new Lenovo laptopFlex 2-14.Smart phones is not cheap but it is a pc in my pocket!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Celebrating Eid at my kampung

Today is the 7th and the last day for this Eid that my family members are with my mother.We had great time with relatives and friends.To me personally,the most important and meaningful is just to be with my mother.
Hopefully I look forward to spend more time with my mother at the next Eidil Adha.InsyaAllah.
Life is too short not to spend time witn our love ones.I am trying harder to make the best I can.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday breakfast with family in KB

This morning I had great time and fantastic nasi dagang breakfast hosted by my sister at K Kerian,KB.It is time like this that I cherished-it is about being together as family members.

I have one sister who lives in KB and one brother who lives in KL.Wherever I am ,one of them is nearby.Lucky me..

I took 7 days leave to be with my mother during this Eid Festival.It is very important for me as we grow older.She is in her 80s and I am in my 60s.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Keep reading-It is cool!

I went to a Malay school way back in the 50s and early 60s.When I was selected to study at SDAR,Tanjung Malim,Perak in January 1965,I had to undergo a Remove Class for a year.There,I began to learn English because the medium of instruction then was in English except BM and Agama.It was at SDAR where I began to read and love reading.

Fast forward to the 70s,I went to Sheffield ,UK to study engineering from 1973-76.For three years,I was exposed to English speaking community and the media.Again,my reading habit developed further and became my culture until today.Alhamdulilah.Sadly,I failed to inculcate the same intensity of reading culture to my children,I hope they will pick up later as I did for my Quran reading.

For the the  last 30 days,I stopped reading novels but only read management and Islamic books.Yesterday,I bought two novels to keep me reading in August,2015.First,I am going to read The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling and the second book is Be Careful  what you Wish For by Sir Jeffrey Archer.Both are great English novel writers.Why?Both of them are great storytellers and write good English where I can learn to improve my command and writing skills in English.And at the same time,reading their stories is a form of entertainment for my mind.By the way,I also love to read novels by John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks.

To improve my English,I write my blogs almost daily.I began blogging more than a decade ago.Along the way,I made new friends and explore other new interests like photography and cycling.As they say,the rest is history.Reading maketh A Man.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Good bye Ramadan 1436

Not all of my peers can fast for the whole of Ramadan.A few of us are sick and can only fast a few days.Health takes its toll  as age 60+ catches with us.I am grateful to Allah that I am overall okay and did my fasting for whole of Ramadan 1436.Last year, I got sick at the beginning of fasting  month but this year I was okay except for some tired days that I did not go and solat terrawih.Alhamdulilah.

I du'a that I will be able to meet the next Ramadan in 1437(2016) .Last year,Allah granted me to fast this year.I hope will give me another chance to fast again next year.

To younger men in their 30s,40s and 50s,please take the opportunity given to you to get Lailatul Qadr every year.Never wait until you are 60 years old like me.Why?First,you may die earlier and second you may be sick and could not do fasting and solat terawih.Now,I experience some minor pains in my backs and knees and could not do more solat terawih and solat qiamulail as I want.Aging has spoken and I am embracing it.Every day,I will closer to my death.

Why not take some time to flash back what we had done,not  done and could have done during the last Ramadan?If you did not have a plan,there is no way to measure your performance and achievement.If you have a plan,look for the negative variances and take measure to improve on it.Don't wait until next Ramadan to make the change.We have to make the change now and live  it through the next Ramadan.The major objective of fasting is to achieve the state of taqwa.There are a few levels of taqwa.Where is our maqam now?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I started reading newspapers when I was about 10 years old,circa 1962.It was Utusan Melayu in Jawi then.Usually,it was a few days late before the newspapers arrived at the clubhouse in front of my house.We kids only got to see the newspapers after adults and senior students read them.The other source of news at the time was from a 6-valve radio that took the size of a microwave oven.In my kampung in the 60's we did not TV,electricity,water supply and even toilets.

When I started working and having family of my own,I subscribed to local dailies.About 15 years ago,I stopped my subcription to one Malay newspaper because I read many vulgar words said about Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim,the then Deputy PM.Then,I cut off my Malay newspaper subscription and started only buying English newspapers as and when I wanted to read something like on weekends.

Fast forward to the present,I donot need newspapers to get my news.The Web and the social media are better and more interesting.However,I do buy Berita Minggu and Sunday Star or NST on weekends.

Nowadays,I seldom see people reading newspapers in the cafes or by the roadsides or on the bus and on the trains.Most people are now glued their eyes to the smart phone small screens.No more casual conversations.The Facebook/Telegram/Whatapps messages are more fun and interative and the news are the latest.What is next?

There is nothing with communication technology.But when I saw a couple and family members sitting in a restaurant waiting for food were looking only at their smart phones and not talking to one another,something is grossly wrong!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Every time,there is invitation to Majlis Khatam Quran,it reminds me of my trip to Taif,KSA (2005) where I visited Makam and Library of Ibn Abbas RA,the sahabah of the my beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.He made a good example by attending most Majlis Khatam Quran due to its significant and benefits/rewards.I am trying harder to follow his exemplary footsteps,insyaAllah.

Last night 27th Ramadan,1436,our Masjid Al-Hasanah had our Ramadan Khatam Quran after solat tarawikh.Out of 500 muslims who performed the tarawikh prayers only 100 stayed back and only half of them joined the majlis khatam Quran.This is a very good example between  information and knowledge.Information leads to knowing the objects of knowledge,but knowledge comes with the arrival of meaning and manifested by our recognising and acknowledging through our actions/amal.May Allah guides us and keep us on siratul mustaqqin until we arrive at our final abode and meet Allah swt,insyaAllah.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Sentiasa bersamamu..

Satu perkara yang paling bermakna-sentiasa bersama..

Being together is very important as family members.I am very lucky that my wife is with me all along my working life.She is a full time house wife.Some of my friends live on their own with kids when their wives had to work/go further stduies some where else and vice versa.Many of us have to live away from our family because the duty calls or on special assignments.

Now,two of my sons got married and they live with their own families-wives and kids like the days when I was a young father.Thank God,I still have one last son for the moment.Not long,he will get married but I hope he lives with us.My wife and me always look forward to when my kids returning home with their familes  for lunch and dinner.When we have  our meals together,I feel very happy-just like the old time when my children were kids.Now,I knew why my Chinese friends have to be home for dinner during Chinese New Year.

Every month,I try my best to go back to my village and stay with my mother for a few days.I know how she feels when I return home-just like how my sons come back to my home.It is about being together again-Setiasa Bersamamu.

Eidul Fitri is less than a week away.InsyaAllah,my wife and son will go back to my village and enjoy our Eid with my mother and relatives in the kampung.This weekend is my mother's turn when her kids are coming home.

Only those who had to live apart will really appreciate the meaning of Sentiasa Bersamamu.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Juadah berbuka puasa

Sepanjang Bulan Ramadan tahun 1436,saya tidak pernah membeli apa2 dari Bazaar Ramadan.Hanya sekali saya ke Bazaar Ramadan di Putrajaya untuk mengambil gambar,tetapi saya berbuka dengan orang ramai di Masjid Sultan Mizan.Semasa muda2 dulu saya sentiasa ke Bazaar Ramadan untuk membeli pelbagai lauk pauk dan kueh mueh untuk menjamu nafsu makan-maklumlah orang muda,badan sihat dan ada duit.Alhamdulilah,saya mula sedar akan bahaya kepada kesihatan saya dan saya mula jaga permakanan saya sejak berumur 50 tahun.Dengan izin Allah ,saya diberi kesihatan yang baik sehingga hari ini.Disamping menjaga makanan,saya juga beriadah dengan berjalan kaki dan berbasikal sejak tahun 2008.Aktiviti bersukan ini membantu saya untuk berhenti merokok sejak 2010.Alhamdulilah.

Masakan saya suka ialah masakan yang di masak olih ibu saya dan isteri saya.Petang tadi isteri saya sudah hilang idea untuk memasak dan mengajak saya pergi beli lauk di restoran.Saya pun pergi bersama jalan2 cari makanan.Semasa berbuka tadi,saya beritahu isteri saya supaya masaklah apa yang ada dirumah.Dahlah mahal,makanan yang di beli di restoran, tetapi rasanya tak sedap lansung. Cukuplah untuk bulan Ramadan tahun ini.

I came from the Old School where men are bread winners and women are full time house- wives.I was pampered for the last 37 years since I got married in 1977.We have pre-determined roles and responsibilities.And when it comes to food,the best is at home with the family.Thank God,my wife is a good cook.My stomach size is a living testimony to her culinary skills.

I just wonder how working couples with kids have to endure many eating outside because the wives are too tired to cook?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The last ten days of Ramadan 1436

I was late for my 'asar prayer(solat) at the Masjid Al-Hasanah.When I arrived,I did not have time for my solat sunat.I sat on the second row and saw the sunrays fell on the heads and shoulders in front of me.It was a beautiful sight to behold.It looks like a spot light shining on the singer in a concert.
I waited for the solat and immediately after the solat,I went up the mezzanine floor of the masjid and took a few photos using my camera phone.How I wish I have my real camera with me.

My thanks to Allah for making me taking note of the moment and let me shoot it and share it with my friends especially fellow photographers who know the value of such great moment that is not easy to come by.To me,it is a Ramadan Gift from Allah to me.

I used these photos to pull my fellow muslims to be at the masjid more than in their own home during these ten days of Ramadan.Let us do ibadah sunat to get and seek the pleasure of Allah.And at the same time to seek and be granted Lailatul Qadar,insyaAllah.To my fellow muslims and muslimahs,let us do it.One thing that I am not sure whether I will be around in Ramadan,1436/2016.

Personally,I prefer to break fast at home.Why not take a few days to join fellow muslims breaking  fast at the masjid?You shall meet new friends and more people who are less fortunate than you.Some are homeless...

Saturday, 4 July 2015


There are a lot of stories in the Quran.Allah teaches us through stories dating back to Adam.We read story books when we were small and still do until now.Our grand mothers told us stories of the yesteryears and our mothers tell/read stories to us.In schools,we heard more stories from our teachers and also from our friends.When we read newspapers,more stories being reported on the current affairs.Fast forward to today,more and more stories are coming to us via TV,Radio,Web and our smart phones.

Most of us love to hear  stories.That is why,story is a good medium to pass the message or educate people.Undertstanding is more important than just knowing.Similarly,I plan to use storytelling in imparting my knowledge and whatever wisdom I gained over the last three decades to potential business leaders.A few days ago,I got a letter from a business school to nominate me as one of their lecturers.They correctly identified me to do informal teaching i.e not via normal class lectures.I love to do it in a cafe environment at the faculty where I could engage with MBA students on current business issues.From these live discourse,I will impart and challenge them on the applications of knowledge and skills in business strategic and operation matters.

I was asked why I wanted to do this.My reasons are as follows:

1.I want to share my experience as ex government officer,corporate executive,consultant and entrepreneur.I have made many mistakes and achieved few successes.Many lessons learned that could benefit new business leaders and future CEOs.

2.I observed many wrong things being practised in the world of business.The principles and the practice need to be reviewed using human governance  and divine guidance and sunnah.

3.More focus on the leaders and human values in business dealing and operations.

4.From Islamic point of view,I want to pass on benefitial knowledge and wisdom to the next generations so that I could get pahla jariah.In becoming a teacher,I fulfill my late father's request that I become a teacher and not an engineer per se.

5.Last but not the least,I shall be paid some money to pay for my bills and open up more business opportinities before I return to Allah.

What shall be the contents of my teachings?Mainly,the contents will be derived from my obervations and experience BUT I shall be guided by the concept of The Leader with Adab.The meaning of adab will come from my teachers Tan Sri Prof Dr Syed Naguib al-Attas and Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud which I gained from attending their lectures and reading their books.So help me,Ya Allah.May Allah be pleased with me.

Photo note;Taken on 1/12/2006 at IIN

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Blogging Check Point

This is just a review on my blogging after I stopped almost two years and re-started again on 24/4/2015.Thanks to Puan Zaharah who gave me a wake-up call from my deep slumber.Honestly,I was worried that I could not keep blogging as I am now getting into my six series and have very little to blog about as compared to late 80s and the 90s and 2000s. I stopped blogging in August 2013.

Looking back in the  last two months,I have posted 60 postings and received more then 10,000 pageviews.Not bad,for an senior citizen like me.I am worried that I am beginning to become irrelevant as I grow older.

Half of the Ramadan has gone.Last night,I saw only two rows of muslims doing solat at Masjid al-Hasanah during the last 8 rakaat.It is a sign that the Spirit of Ramadan is fading away and the Spirit of Eidul Fitri is getting louder and stronger as the Muslim spirits are being hijacked from the masjid to the supermarket.Nothing has changed in the last 40 years of my adult life.The last ten days of Ramadan are very important in the context of our fasting and ibadah during Ramadan al Mubarak.

To my fellow muslims and muslimahs,let us keep going to the masjid,do more solat and recite more Quran.If possible,avoid Bazaar Ramadan and Kopitiam.And make the masjid next to our house as our second home during this Ramadan.