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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Chinese tourists

 The Chinese tourists are coming to Malaysia by the droves.They don't come alone,but by plane loads to KLIA and a few tens of busloads to Putrajaya.They don't come here are as budget tourists; but they come in great style wearing designer clothes and spectacles.They don't carry cheap compact cameras but they have DSLRs hanging on their necks..

Below is a snapshot of them coming down to The Souq to have breakfast.I only eat roti canai and lamb curry but most of them eat roti canai with big prawns that costs  at least RM25 each!They are rich people!

Gone were the days where cheap and lousy products come from China.Now,iPhones are made in China.China has the ability and the capacity to produce products as requested by any clients.The high economic growth in China in the last decade caused great worries in the West.The latest economic report stated that if China economy were to stumble,the world economy will be adversely affected!To me,China is going to play a major political and economic roles in the decades to come.

Ever wonder why China has become so successful?Why not Russia?Ever wonder why South Korea has becomes so successful?Why not Malaysia?Some food for thoughts over the weekend.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Precious time with my mother..

First and foremost are  my praises to The Owner of All Praises-The One who is Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim.Thank you Ya Allah for your mercy that I still have my mother today.She is 80 years old and and I am 62 years old.She is the eldest child of my grand parents and I am her eldesst son.

My mother is very active lady.In her mid-30s,she was a Wanita UMNO Chief for Bachok for more than 30 years,and her last job was Ketua Penyelia KEMAS,Jajahan Bachok some 20 years ago.Despite her heart problems and backache,she could walk a few hundreds metres with no wheel chair.Two months ago,she went for her umrah with my sister and her husband.Last night,we went shopping and had family dinner at Alamanda,Putrajaya.At first,I went to get her a wheel chair,but looking at the way and the speed she was walking in and out of the shops,I just waited outside the shops and followed her.My wife was her window shopping partner and a lady-in-waiting.One of her favourite shops is Clarks Shop.She got her first pair of Clarks shoes in Oxford about 25 years ago.And she still wears Clarks shoes.Her only complaint is the price is getting higher every other year.

Since her retirement,she focussed on reading and hafal Quran.Now,she is a Quran teacher for ladies and girls in our Kampung Pondok Beris.Whenever,I go 'balik kampung' or she comes to visit me,I will be asked to read Quran and she will correct me as I go along.Yesterday,when I was reading my Surah Al-Kahfi for my Friday routine,she still corrected me in a few ayats.A mother will be a mother,even to her son who is already a grand father with four grand children.She still reminds  me to do my solat-everyday.According to my younger friend whose mother has passed away a few years ago,I am very lucky man.When I asked him why,he said mother always makes doa for her children after her every solat-and that means five times a day my mother doa for me.I could not ask for more.

My mother is under medication for her heart problem.Every time she gets weak and falls sick,I become very afraid.No matter how much I love her,when the time comes she has to leave us.I get afraid because the time may come at any time.Since a few years ago,I made a point that I go 'balik kampung' to see my mother as often as possible and now,it is three days in each month is my routine to be with my mother.On a few occassions,my mother asked me to take her to Pantai Irama.She enjoys walking along the beach and play with the waves.As advised by many whose mothers had passed away,I must take good care of her.InsyaAllah,I am doing my best.

Today,I spent the whole morning talking to my mother while my wife was in the kitchen preparing our lunch.After lunch,my mother had to leave to visit her sister and other relatives in Klang Valley and Cyberjaya.How,I wish she stays with me until she goes home.Or forever,and that is very selfish of me.

Thank you again Ya Allah for the:

Precious moments.
When will I see you again Mek..

Friday, 29 May 2015

Delivering trusts..

Heavy burden of delivering trusts..

All of us are entrusted to deliver something to the righful owners.This is indeed a heavy burden for all of us.Just for an example,how did we perform in delivering the rights of our parents and children upon us?To know in details about our obligations as muslims,kind read the book The Ideal Muslim or The Ideal Muslimah.
Just list down the 'deliverables' and check what we have done about them.As for me, many are still outstanding.
It is work all the way...May Allah swt guide us to do the right things during whatever time we have left before we all return to Him.
Below is a note from Nasiha taken from the writing of Sayyid Qutb:
Living The Quran
The Moral Code
Al-Nisa (Women) - Chapter 4: Verse 58
"God commands you to deliver whatever you have been entrusted with to their rightful owners, and whenever you judge between people, to judge with justice. Most excellent is what God exhorts you to do. God hears all and sees all."
These are the main obligations placed on the Muslim community and these sum up its moral code:
1. Fulfilment of trust
The basic and most important trust is that which God has implanted in human nature. This is the one which the heavens, the earth and the mountains refused to accept, but which man undertook. It is that of willingly and deliberately recognising Divine guidance and believing in God. Giving testimony in favour of Islam is an important way of delivering this trust.
Another trust which is implied in the above is that of dealing with people and delivering to them whatever they have entrusted to us. That includes honesty in daily transactions, giving honest counsel to rulers and ruled, taking good care of young children, protecting the interests of the community and defending it against hostile forces, entrusting positions of responsibility only to those who are capable of shouldering the burdens of such positions, and observing all duties and obligations outlined by the Divine code.
2. Maintaining justice
The order to maintain justice is stated in the most general terms so as to make it obligatory between all people. Justice is due to every individual human being. Hence, justice should be extended to all: believers and non-believers, friends and enemies, white and coloured, Arabs and non-Arabs, etc.
This verse makes it clear that both orders to be true to one's trust and to maintain justice between people are part of God's admonition. Good and greatly beneficial indeed is whatever God directs and admonishes us to do. Moreover, the order to do both comes from the One who hears and sees all things. God is certain to hear and see all matters related to the fulfilment of trust and maintaining justice.
Compiled From:
"In the Shade of The Quran" - Sayyid Qutb, vol 3, pp. 193-195

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday, 28 May 2015

I read,therefore I am.

I read a book, a real book and not a facebook.I think,therefore I am..

I just wonder what kind of person is this guy who chose to break away from the crowd who lost themselves in The World Wide Web or some Whatsapp Chat Rooms via their smart phones;and he stood like a sore thumb on the LRT Station platform? Is he making a statement or what?

I am not saying the above but some people do.It is not for me to speculate his intentions.Just focus on the fact.He reads a book while waiting for his train.Another six behind him are reading something on the tiny screens of their smart phones.I don't know what they are reading.At the far end,three guy are chatting.Everyone is seen to do what they really want to do to occupy their time.It is not for me to say who are doing better or worse.

People of my generation (senior citizens) prefer the old school style- we read real books.Some people read Quran on their iPads even though they are in their 50s or 60s.It is personal choice.We should never judge.One day,I was in a masjid and walked behind a young man wearing jeans.He was reading something from his iPhone after his solat.To my pleasant suprise,I saw him reading Quran!

Many people read books,but only some people learnt lessons from their reading and only a few apply to their daily lives.I read books but I also discuss book with learned scholars to improve my undertstanding and knowledge.Below is such an event when I was Datuk Professor Dr Afifi Al Akiti of Oxford University.

I love to read and to write and to sketch and to take photos.My blog was named The Reader because I love to read.When I was younger,I managed to read two books a month but as I grow older I read a book a month.From my experience ,my mind enjoys more  reading than  just watching the stupid box.Below is a photo taken during our Reading Picnic in Putrajaya.

Reading makes me think using the experience of others. Reading maketh A Man.Alexander The Great's mother reminded his son:"Beware of people who can think."

Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Discourse :On reading a novel..

Let me share with you a comment on my blog posting and my response:

n the books you read, but I would very much enjoy hearing your thoughts on their contents. What insights have you gained from Tuesdays with Morrie, for example? What do you think about the theory of the 'historical supression of the feminine' that the DaVinci code offers? While I appreciate the obvious intellectual component of your blog, I feel that it is lacking in depth. What are your opinions on these books? In any case, I thank you for your intelligent and interesting blog, and I wish you well.
Posted by: Heidi | Tuesday, March 09, 2004 at 03:25 PM

Hi Heidi,Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to write to me.It is interesting to know that you and me,with an age difference of more than 20 years,may be 12 time-zones apart,are reading the same books!And now we are communicating our thoughts via cyberspace.
I have finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie but still half-way through Da Vinci Code.
When I mentioned about the books I read in my blog, it was never my intention to give a review of the book because I am just an ordinary reader and I think I am not qualified to enter or to engage into an intellectual discourse about the contents of the book.My intention was to inform my readers that such books are worth reading. I leave to the readers to make their conclusions/opinions.
Since you asked for my views about Tuesdays with Morrie,I found the book is very useful as a guide to live a meaningful life-especially on human relationship.Since I am more than half a century old,I can really "connect" to what Morrie had to say due to my personal life experience. IMHO, older people will understand more than younger people.Just like when a friend asked me whether I know the meaning of poverty. When I said yes, he said no because I never experience poverty. I know but I don't understand.

There are three levels of knowledge:


Next,comes the obvious question: What is a meanigful life? That depends on your beliefs and values.As a muslim, my life is not only for this world but also for the next world(The Hereafter).
On "historical suppression of the feminine", I am sorry that I could not add further comments due to my lack of knowledge on the subject matter.

Thank you for the good wishes.My best regards to you.
Posted by: Adib | Tuesday, March 09, 2004 at 05:55 PM

Monday, 25 May 2015


Street photography is about the story of people in public places.Some how,I do not enjoy looking at the photos of beggars and homeless people on the roads nor about the dirty backlanes being posted as Street Photography.I like to see the lives of majority of the ordinary people enjoy  living their ordinary life.I love to see and share more happiness and nice places via photography.You may disagree  with my personal view but let us  accept our differences.Photo jounalism is a different story.

Below is one of my favourite shots at Pasar Tani MAEPS,Serdang,Selangor.It opens for business every Saturday.I love coming here for two great reasons-the variety of food and the chance for me to take candid photos of people buying food and groceries and having breakfast with friends and relatives.To me,it is a weekly food festival for those who live around this market place-and I am one of the many lucky customers.

Real life is in colours and I love to shoot and show the photos as they are-in colours as shown below.In fact,I would love to embed sounds and smells as well in photos if the technolgy allows them.

The above two photos of the local and foreign crowd have their own stories.One is about weekend shopping for basic needs like food and clothing.The other crowd is about foreigners coming to visit my country.All of them came walking with difference reason.My hardest part in this genre is taking beautiful photos with a good story.

Street performers like buskers are good subjects for street photography.I love live music.Below is one group performing at Alamanda,Putrajaya.

Cafe is becoming part of our lifestyle as more and more people eat outside.Below is The Umai Cafe,a simple restaurant  by the lakeside in Putrajaya where my gang of cyclists stop here for drink and food after our cycling.I also come here for my family dinner.The food is good but the view is fantastic.

Well folks..Those photos above are my street stories in photos that I like.I hope you like them too.Thank you for reading.Today ,I have achieved my target to blog everyday since I re-statrted blogging again.Thank you my fellow bloggers and blog readers who keep coming to read my blog at an average rate of more than 200 pageviews per day!

Sunday, 24 May 2015


I have been visiting many beautiful gardens of Putrajaya since 2008 and I am glad to confess that I still enjoy it till yesterday when I took my wife for  a morning walk at Taman Botani,Putrajaya 

On the right is its famous little garden of Hibiscus flowers.I noticed there was a lot of pruning and cleaning going on-leaving only two red flowers.May be ,better luck next time.

As we walked by the lakeside,I saw a group of girls were on the jetty -enjoying the view of PM Residence  across the lake.At that time I was trying to take a photo of the weir but somehow I felt something is missing-the human element.So,I had to wait for these girls to walk along the jetty and enter my frame of my mind's eye.After a few minutes,when they started walking,I started shooting with my smart phone camera Note3.How I wish I have my Fujifilm X-T1 with me.

About 50 metres  away from The Spring Seafood Restaurant,there is a yellow steel jetty where there are hundreds of Javanese carps are swimming around.Most visitors like me take along a few slices of bread to feed them.They are hungry all the time and I love to see them fighting for little pieces of bread thrown to them.Sorry,I cannot show you the fish-my camera is not good enough to capture their images in the water.

The above is the inside part of The Moroccan Pavillion-located at the entrance of Taman Botani.To see the artefacts,you need to buy the tickets -RM3 per person.It is a great place to take photos,especially wedding photos.

What I enjoy most walking here is the view and the ambiance.It is isolated from the madding crowd out there and the cool breeze,the chirping of the birds on the trees and I am surrounded by the trees,the flowers and the lake,I could not ask for more.

Saturday, 23 May 2015



I live in Bangi more than five years now.However,I only discovered Pasar Tani MAEPS,next to UPM Campus only two years ago.From there on,I keep going there every other week.The first pull factor is the good quality of food that I like-nasi ambeng and satay and nasi kapit  Kelantan.I became so regular that the vendors know me personally.

There are also a variety of cakes and pasteries for me to choose for my breakfast.Some I bought for my tea time.

While my wife is busy doing her grocery and kichen supplies shopping,I will go to buy nasi ambeng,satay and kueh.As I walk around,I also love to take photos.The Pasar Tani is alive with colourful people and products on sale.Below are two photos that I love to call them STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. Now,it is my hobby..This is the second pull factor why I go to MAEPS Pasar Tani.

Why I chose to blog about this MAEPS Pasar Tani?In my personal view,it is very well organised and full of products for our daily consumption.It should be a model to other Pasar Tani in other towns in Malaysia.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Masjid Sultan Mizan

Laman Qiblat-A beautifully landscaped and manicured garden lies between two blocks of offices belonging to Perbadanan Putrajaya.This garden is the main entrance to the Masjid Sultan Mizan.It is location is perpendicular to the Main Boulevard of City of Putrajaya-The New administrative centre of Malaysia.During Ramadhan,this Laman Qiblat is beautifully decorated to celebrate Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.It is like an open air shopping complex.i.e Ramadhan Souq.

Locally,this masjid is known as Masjid Besi.The reason is very simple.The main structure of this masjid is made of steel ,including its dome.From outside,the masjid looks like the Istiglal Masjid in Jakarta-very squarish and a dome.Inside,it is full of great achitectural features.

Ramadhan is less than a month away.I look forward to solat teraweh here.Food and drink for break of fast(iftar) is provided free to all muslims/muslimah.After magrib,dinner is served.After solat isyak and teraweh,moreh will be served.From my observation in the last three years,I gave this masjid a 5-star rating not only for its building but also for its religous programme all year around and good crowd management during Ramadhan.Syabas!

Hanyasanya yang layak memakmurkan (menghidupkan) masjid-masjid Allah itu ialah orang-orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat serta mendirikan sembahyang dan menunaikan zakat dan tidak takut melainkan kepada Allah, (dengan adanya sifat-sifat yang tersebut) maka adalah diharapkan mereka menjadi dari golongan yang mendapat petunjuk.
(At-Taubah 9:18) | <Embed> | English Translation | Tambah Nota Bookmark 
The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity, and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance.

Masjid Sultan Mizan as seen at night from Umai Cafe..

The water feature around the prayer hall make it like the massjid is floating on water.Brilliant Design!

Waiting for iftar-Buka Puasa in Ramadhan..

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Family dinner

When I got married in 1977,my daily family dinner was just the two of us.Over the last three decades,it grew to three when we have our first son.Then it became four and reached a maximum of five in 1989.Then ,one son got married in 2011;another  son followed one year later and now were are left with three.Thank God,most weekends,my son brought his family to my house for a Sunday lunch or high tea.Nowadays,I could count with my fingers how many times when all my kids and their family members  can sit down on a table and eat our dinners together.Now,I see the wisdom of Chinese New Year family dinner when all family members are obliged to return home to have dinner with their parents and siblings.Now,I am beginning to understand why my mother insists that I have dinner every night at home when I 'balik kampung'.(go home to my parent's house).

Last weekend,while I was having my family dinner at Lake Club,Putrajaya I saw a man ushering her mother in a wheel chair to a table.It really touched me when I saw  a man in his 40s taking care of his mother;brought her to a restaurant and had a family dinner.The incident reminds me of my mother in the kampung.Not only that ,a thought crossed my mind of what if I were on that wheel chair one day.Every time I saw men/women on wheel chairs,I look at my legs and be grateful for them to Allah.I have been walking with my legs for more than 60 years and they are still good.My doctor friend reminded me once  when I went to see him about my knees making creaking noises.He asked me to show him any car tyres that last more than 50 years.We had a good laugh!

To young parents out there with small kids -whatever the number 3 or 7,just enjoy your time now.Sooner than expected you will be having dinner with only your spouse or your maid!

Let me share the night view from the restaurant at Kelab Tasik,Putrajaya.

Note:This posting was originally written in my Facebook on 5/2/2014

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


May things can be seen on 'kaki lima'.It is the five-foot path outside the shops or buildings.It is a pedestrian walkway for people to move from shop to another in the days of rows of shophouses and no shopping complexes.When shop-keepers are short of space,they use this kaki lima to display their wares and at the same time as advertisement to pull the walking crowd into their shops.Below is one good example at the famous English bookshop in Paris.

Sometimes,some street entreprenuers use the kaki lima as their temporary office to meet and do business with their clients.Here,you can see a petition writer at work.The old type writers may have changed to iPads.

This above  is one of the cleanest kaki lima in Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.However,if we cross the road behind Kamdar and walk to Masjid India and Jalan Melayu,there are a lot of vendors on the kaki lima-a bit dirty but more colourful and alive!

During one of my photowalk sessions along Jalan Tun Perak,I sat at a cafe and took a series of photos of people walking on the same spot of kaki lima along the road.Here are six snapshots taken last year,2014.On the road,we may encounter the good ,the bad and the ugly.Anything can happen and you cannot even guess who you are going to meet.Lately,I became interested to do street photography because what we see on the roads reflect what is going on in our community. 

Kaki Lima is a public space.At night,in certain places of KL,some sleazy noctornal activities are still going despite being raided by the authorities.Life goes on,business as usual.Kaki Lima is a linear SOHO with no rental.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wear some flowers..

 When I was a boy in early 60's,I saw Malay ladies wearing flowers in their hairs (sanggol). Not only ladies,some young men do wear a flower held in between their hairs and ear in Kelantan! And my mother put some nice smelling flowers on her bed  and pillows.Our favourite flowers are bunga kenanga and bunga melor.At times,I helped my mother to pick up these flowers.Perfume was not easy to come by.Flowers are part of our lives back then..

Nowadays,back to 80's till today,flowers become more and more made of plastic and use mainly as decoration. Only the rich get their fresh flowers on their lounge and dinner tables.

Three years ago in April,2012,I landed myself in Holland.A visit to Keukenhof for me is mandatory,including cycling in Amsterdam and the country side.The photo at the top right was taken by my late friend Guus Liberstein,who lived in Leiden.I was almost drown by sea of tulip flowers.Flowers,especially tulips,are part of the Dutch people life.

Hibiscus is our national flower.I only knew of the red colour version.Only lately,when I got involved in photography,I came upon the yellow one.Some are pink in colour.Flowers,just like us, come in many sizes,shapes and colours.The beauty lies in their diversity..

During one of my cycling around Jambatan Seri Gemilang,Putrajaya,I saw the above unique hibiscus flowers by the lakeside,I stopped and took this photo.If it is not for my cycling activity,I would not have discovered this multi-coloured leaves of hibiscus flower!

In January 1965,I had my first encounter with Flame of The Forest flower when I was admitted to SDAR in Tanjung Malim,Perak.It stood tall next to Dewan Rahman Talib and the school office.By the way,when I was in school,I have very little interest in flowers.My interest only began when I saw beautiful flowers in English Gardens.

My interest in cycling took me to a few beautifully landscaped garden in Putrajaya.The above are marigold flowers lining the cycling tracks in Taman Saujana Hijau.When I cycle here,I feel like I am cycling some where in Europe.Below are some flowers I shot in Keukenhof,Holland.Enjoy the view..