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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cafe with A View

Location is very important when we select a property either to live in or to operate a business.It really matters because the physical,economic and social environment will have a positive as well as negative impacts on our life and business.When I was a director of  a fast food chain in Malaysia,I had the opportunities and experience in analysing and selecting the new sites of our proposed restaurants.Once,we have chosen the location,then we have to live with it.

Similarly,I use the same guideline for me to select a restaurant even though I only want two be there for one or two hours.It is not just the food,the service and the internal ambiance,but what is outside the restaurant also matters.What more if I want to take photos from inside the restaurant.

After my meeting at JKR yesterday,I went to KL Sentral to take my train home to Bangi.After purchasing my ticket,I have 30 minutes to kill before the next train arrives.So,I look around for a restaurant that I could savour my teh tarik(warm tea) and at the same time giving me a good street views where I could snap a few photos before I go home.One of them is a shown above.Inside my travelling bag,I have my compact camera,book to read,a note book to write, a pen and my wallet.My mobile phone is in my pocket.I also write my personal journal while having my tea.Is it cool?

Talking about Cafe with A View,I have set up a Facebook Group.You are most welcome to join and share some beautiful photos and interesting stories.

If you are around Putrajaya,there are a few good cafes where you can have your food/drinks and at the same time enjoy a good view:

1.Umai Cafe
2.Teh Tarik Place at Ayer8,Pressint 8,
3.The Souq,next to Masjid Putra
4.Lake Club Putrajaya
5.Restoran Ikan Bakar,Taman Seri Empangan

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hot and Beautiful

Going up and going down-Many a time,we are alone on the way down..

Every time I go to KL Sentral I will take some time to go and visit this set of hot and beautiful escalators at Nu Sentral.These moving steps take us down to the ground floor and the road to Brickfield.Brickfiled is KL Little India -a very colourful part of KL with Indian culture.

These escalators were designed to use natural sunlight for their lighting but there is too much light that the air and the sun rays make the place too hot.I come here not just to see their beauty in design, but I wish to capture photos of people using these escalators as part of my street photography.
If you wish to go for more interesting street photography,please visit Brickfield,Chow Kit Road and Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Photowalk at Pantai Irama

A few days before I went home to my kampung Pondok Beris,I informed my friends at Perantau Bachok that I will be doing Photowalk on Friday morning at 7am on 20/6/2014.As I expected,only two friends joined me,but we had great morning.It was a bit cloudy but we managed to snap nice sceneries.

 As I walked,I noticed a young lady in black sitting by the beach and reading her mobile phone.I am very shy when it comes to talking to ladies but I grapped enough courage to walk and talk to her. I asked her permission and she allowed me to take her photos.I need this skill in order to take more street photos.

In the late afternoon on the same day,I went again to Pantai Irama. It was full of people.Food and boat business are booming with great demand.Sadly,the infrastructure to support and facilitate tourism industry is obviously lacking.The state government is sleeping..

My first Bloggers Meet

In the early days of Internet and blogging world,many of us used nickname.Mine is Berisman.After some time,we felt that we need to meet in person.This photo shown is my first bloggers meeting at The Dome,KLCC.I uploaded this photo to my Flickr on 6th July,2008.Most of them are in their 20's and I am the odd man out at 56 years old.As they say,the rest is history..most of them are recorded at my old blog at

Monday, 27 April 2015

Lunch for Uncle Bloggers

Lunch at KLCC in 2007 among fellow bloggers..
Three handsome bloggers having tea at KLCC.At that time they were called Uncles.Now,they are all grandpas.Hanita took this photo.~2005

The Other Moment

When I see the colorful sunrise or the white carpet of mist hovering above a serene river,I will grab whatever camera besides me to capture the moment.Being a photographer and taking shot of the event unfolding in front of me,I am outside of the moment-just a by stander who is at most is only an observer.

Two days ago,when I saw my untie embraced my mother and cried during her daughter's marriage ceremony,I just looked at the moment of happiness mixed with sadness because my own uncle has passed away many years ago and could not be with us during this happy occasion.I was sucked into The Moment and was part of it.The camera was with me but I prefer to capture it and saved to my heart and not to SD Card in my camera.

The last time I was in Paris with Awang Goneng

Paris is a city that I love to  visit but some how I always go to London first and Amsterdam second whenever I am in Europe.It is a city that made feel like I am  a real foreigner because of the language barrier.It is my weakness of not being able to speak French.If I wish to learn a new language,it would be Arabic.By the way,the last time I was here was in 2003.Awang Goneng was my travelling partner.The photo above was taken by him

Lately I am a regular follower of photography podcast by a French Street Photographer,Ms Valerie Jardin.Her great photos made me look back to my photos I took  when I was in Paris.Had I know about Street Photography then,I would be clicking hundreds of photos from the streets of Paris.At that time,I was on sight-seeing.Below is another photo when I was exploring the city.

I love to read books.Awang Goneng took me to visit the famous English Bookshop next to Notredam.I met George the bookshop owner.As usual,he offered me a free accommodation but I declined.Here is my photo with him.He passed away some years back.

Along the road by the River Seine,I saw roadside stalls selling posters/cards.

At that time,there were no apps like waze or Google map to show directions.We had to resort to the old ways of using paper maps.Below is a photo of my walking partner looking at the map to find our way to some destination where I forgot.

Taken from my SNAPSHOTSTORY #51

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Clouds can be scary,dramatic and beautiful..

Cloud has many meanings.I am on cloud nine means something great is happening for me.But do I have the clouds to get this project done means differently from cloud nine.And the dark clouds are bad signs which have got nothing to do with the rains.The text and the context acquire their own meaning in different part of speech or locations on planet earth.

This is Presint 8,Putrajaya.My son was driving and suddenly I saw the above cloud formations.At firstI got scared but I grabbed my smart phone and shot this image.
At times,they are just beautiful,filling all your vision on your travel.

The above was taken during my photowalk when I was armed to the teeth with my camera gears.Iis sunset at The Marina ,Putrajaya.

The above clouds formed a blue mountain behid the redddish morning sky.This image looks like a painting.
and some clouds just add beauty to the landscape environment.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

I don't walk,I don't run but I cycle..

According my friend,boy's first love is his bicycle,then only followed by others.As he grows up,his love changes from motor cycle,woman,car and the rest of what he could afford even he had to use a few credit cards.When the boy reaches 60 years old like me,he is going back to his bicycle..

I got back on my saddle in August,2008 when I join a group called Putrajaya Critical Mass when I managed to cycle 24km.Before that I never cycle more than 10km.My interest grew up exponentially when my cycling record was 1809km in 2009!As they say,the rest is history..

Here is my cycling blog.

Umai Cafe,Putrajaya

It was then known as Ceritera Cafe but the business did not last.The second and the present operator took over about four  years ago and so far it surives under the new name Umai Cafe.It is where my bicycle gang meet and have meals  after our rides~about two times a month.When the present operator moved in,we were scared the operator may suffer the same fate as the first operator.The reason being there were not many customers patronizing this cafe due to its location.It is in our group interest to make the operator survives so that we can have access to cheap and good food and drinks.

We purposely sat outside the cafe so that the passers by can see that this cafe has customers.We also stayed longer so that the passers by would not see empty seats.Customers attract customers.The cafe looks popular with many customers.We also use our social media through blogs,facebooks and twitters telling our good experience at the Umai Cafe.Now, Umai Cafe is thriving and a few of us regrettted that we over promoted the place.With too many customers,we cyclists who are thirsty become impatient when we get late service.Somehow,I sometimes do get preferential treatment.

A few days ago,our Putrajaya Cycling Club membership has reached 600 persons.I am very happy that our members(PCC/PUR) have contributed to the success of this cafe and at the same time we promote healthy life style.Most of us are not slim but we are much fitter and active than those couch potatoes sitting on the sofas watching tellys.

Last night,I took my wife and son for our simple family dinner of mee mamak dan iced teas.The bill came to RM22 with GST.The food is 3-star but the view by the lakeside is 5-star.That is value for money.After my dinner,I talked to the manager that I wanted to book a few tables for Book Reading Picnic to be held on 10/5/2015.This is a family and friends event to promote the culture of reading among our family members and friends.

I heard that revolutions in France  started with conversations among intellectuals in Paris Cafes.Hopefully,I could use the cafe ambiance to start conversations on reading and other good deeds for public good.

Power of blogs?

Let me share the news that I kept in my previous blog about the power of social media in politics.Blog is a part of social media.In Malaysia Che Det blog witten by ex PM Tun Dr Mahathir is read by millions and it is very power.
The writer and the contents matter.Nowadays,with Facebook/Twitters,blog links and contents are easily spread and communicated to the global audience in very short time.

PM concedes BN lost online war during polls
By : Newsdesk
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Barisan Nasional lost the online war to win votes in the March 8 general election.
“We didn’t think it was important. It was a serious misjudgement,” he said at the opening of Invest Malaysia, an investment conference.
Last year, the country had more than 13.5 million Internet users, or just under one in two Malaysians. This was a third more than in 2005, when there were 10 million users.

The World Wide Web allowed parties like the DAP, PKR and Pas, which have long complained of bias in the traditional media, to reach voters in their offices and homes.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Wake up call from Kakteh

Today,I got a wake-up tag from Kakteh at her Facebook about blogging.When my subsription expired in October,2013,I decided not to renew it because about half my readers had gone to my Facebook to read my 'status update'.So I left my normal blogging but I keep updating my photography and cycling blogs.To me,Facebook is good enough for me to share my postings with others.

With more than 10 million Malaysians are having Facebook accounts,I do not see any need for me write my blogs in the normal way.I can replace it with Notes Apps in Facebook.Another plus point to use Facebook is its convenient to use it either with my PC or my smart phone.Blogs are too slow for communication.

Over the last thirty months,I sometimes feel guilty when my blog readers wrote to me and asking me why I stopped blogging and when I will resume.To avoid further explaination,I just kept an elegant silence.After a few months,no one cares whether I write or not in my blog The Reader at

After using Facebook for more than five years,I realised that blogs have the advantage of better house-keeping compared to Facebook.I can easily locate my postings.But  I let it be,,

After reading posting by Kakteh this morning (24/4/2015)about getting the great a.k.a old bloggers to blog again,I  accepted her suggestion. And  many of us decided to blog again beginning 6th of May ,2015.Since I forgot the passwords and I am now in the 60's,I might as well start a new blog as a senior citizen but with the same title-The Reader.

So,here I am back to paint the blogsphere red....