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Friday, 20 November 2015

At The Borders

I am not crossing my country's borders to visit other country.Rather,I was at a bookshop called The Borders at The Curve,Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It is the only reasonable size bookshop branch left after the owner downsized the biggest one at The Berjaya Times Square.I felt very sad because I love The Borders as a good bookshop that caters for everyone- from a child to a professor.

Why was I at The Boders?Well,I was looking for new notebook for my personal journal.It is Lettera Notebook by Unicorn.One thing I found out this notebook is 40% cheaper than at MPH.I won't go to MPH for stationery any more!

The photo above showed Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens was about to enter Kinokuniya Bookshop at Suria  KLCC for his book signing ceremony.This is a very well stock bookshop where I can find most books I want to buy and read.But if you wish to buy novels and stationery,Popular Bookshops are good enough.One thing I like about this bookshop is am inside cafe on the mezzanine floor.Below is a photo of me browsing the bookshelves..

Below is a photo of half cafe and half bookshop at Bukit Tunku,KL.I saw it lasted only two years.Then,it dissappered.To me,I don't think small bookshops can survive the competition from MPH,The Borders and Kinokuniya.A few years back,I want to own and operate a bookshop,but now I prefer to open a sundry shop.

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