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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Kelantan Economic Progress:Tourism

You can read all the facts and views about this matter in government reports and journals by academia.It is good for politics and politicians to debate until the cows come home.

I was born in Bachok in the early 50s before Merdeka and had seen what BN and PAS governments had done and not done for Kelantan in the last 50 years,especially in my own district of Bachok.And I feel bad about it.There is no district hospital yet and not having adequate potable water supply.Forget about proper town and urban services.

What will take place in the next 50 years?I am now a senior citizen and will fade away.The next leaders come from my children generation for the next 25 years.Before we go away ,what are we going to hand over to our children?My peers are leading the country now.They donot have much time left,say the most is another decade before they let go or be taken away.Looking at what is on the table right now,I am very shy to hand over the mess we had created.We must clean our shits in politic,economy and social.And we must do fast so that we regain our honour as fathers to our children before time catches with us.

Kelantan is endowed with great potential in agriculture and tourism.And my district Bachok has beautiful beaches for tourism but sadly were not planned and developed to realise their tourism potential.We have a good sign board though..

Before it is too late,preferably during the next General Election ,the new leaders either from PAS or BN must takeover Kelantan from the present leaderships in PAS and BN and then work together for the sake of the people of Kelantan.The politicking from both sides for the last fifty years had failed to bring the progress needed for the well being of our children and grand children.

To my friends from both divides,let us guide our young leaders and let them lead and manage.We must spend more time getting ready for the next world.

Friday, 20 November 2015

At The Borders

I am not crossing my country's borders to visit other country.Rather,I was at a bookshop called The Borders at The Curve,Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It is the only reasonable size bookshop branch left after the owner downsized the biggest one at The Berjaya Times Square.I felt very sad because I love The Borders as a good bookshop that caters for everyone- from a child to a professor.

Why was I at The Boders?Well,I was looking for new notebook for my personal journal.It is Lettera Notebook by Unicorn.One thing I found out this notebook is 40% cheaper than at MPH.I won't go to MPH for stationery any more!

The photo above showed Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens was about to enter Kinokuniya Bookshop at Suria  KLCC for his book signing ceremony.This is a very well stock bookshop where I can find most books I want to buy and read.But if you wish to buy novels and stationery,Popular Bookshops are good enough.One thing I like about this bookshop is am inside cafe on the mezzanine floor.Below is a photo of me browsing the bookshelves..

Below is a photo of half cafe and half bookshop at Bukit Tunku,KL.I saw it lasted only two years.Then,it dissappered.To me,I don't think small bookshops can survive the competition from MPH,The Borders and Kinokuniya.A few years back,I want to own and operate a bookshop,but now I prefer to open a sundry shop.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Fishy Picnic-10/11/2015

Last week ,on Divali Day,I took my grand children to have a little picnic at Taman Botani,Putrajaya.I took the boys to feed some hundreds of hungry Javanese carps swimming near thee Yellow Jetty next Seafood Restaurant.We had great fun feeding the fish and taking photos in the beautiful garden full of hibiscus and orchid flowers.

This guy looked scared..

Wednesday, 11 November 2015



Most of the time we talk with family members,friends,office mates etc.We seldom have conversations on things that really matters to us as individuals ,society and nation.At times,we make fun of something very serious affecting our society and our country.

Two days ago,I was privileged to have a conversation or rather an audience with a learned man who carries the titles of Tan Sri,Dato Seri and Ph D .He was very worried about the prevalent collusion of fikrah among the Muslim ummah globally and also in Malaysia with half pass six scholars who could not differentiate between the usul and the furuk.This group thinks that they only own the truth.When I asked why,he replied:The corruption of knowledge!

The answer reminds me of the lecture I attended at ISTAC many years ago.