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Friday, 23 October 2015

It takes time..

Indeed it takes time to see things..

The above photo was taken yesterday (22 Oct.,2015) when I was at Pullman Hotel,Putrajaya to pick up my son who was giving a lecture there.While waiting for him,I was invited by his colleague to have high tea with him.We had great conversation about training and doing business with government departments and agencies.As we talked my eyes wandered around the area and I was mersmerised by the beautiful archictecture around me.Before going home,I walked around and snapped a few photos with my smart phone Note3.If only I have my Fujifilm XT1 with me..

It was not my first visit to Pullman Hotel but it was my first high tea here.When I sat down on the chair and look around me,then only my eyes really started seeing the grandeur of the hotel and its intricate designs all over the facades of the buildings.I was intoxicated by the beauty all over me.Previously,I only saw all these as I was walking and never really stop to see as they are.Everything is in passing because we were in a hurry to get to our next destination.In fact,I could conclude we see nothing as we were passing through.It is just like we are flipping through the pages of a novel and never really read any paragraphs there.To really see,we have to take time and ponder upon what we see,then what we think and hopefully what we feel.My hobby in photography helps me a lot in the act and the art of seeing things.

In life,there is nothing to rush.Things will come your way as you keep moving and first enjoy what you are,what you have  and where you are.I had missed a lot of good moments because I was rushing.Over the last 50 years of my adult life,I have learnt that no matter how much planning and efforts to get where I want to be,only Allah will decide when I shall arrive.

As a traveller in this journey of life,remember always our destination but never forget to enjoy your journey.By the way,do not be amused and seduced by a few R&R's along your way.You have a destination to arrive before you run out of your fuel and time.

As a muslim poet and sufi used to say:Oh My Lord,if I am lost,please find me at Your door.InsyaAllah.

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