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Saturday, 17 October 2015


I got to know this concept of HEALTHY PARK,HEALTHY PEOPLE when I joined the Committee of PUTRAJAYA INTER PARK RIDE more than five years ago.Its main objective is to get the people to visit public parks.According to a study by an Australian body that there is a possitive correlation of being healthy for people who visit parks as part of their life style.We started with about 30 riders about 4 years ago and the grand finale record was more than 3000 riders.Nowadays,Putrajaya is the place to ride and the place where many national cycling events take place.As they say,the rest is history.

Cycling as a sport is quite successful but a lot of efforts and time are needed to get the masses to visit the parks regularly and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Putrajaya has many beautiful and well maintained public parks.My favourites are Taman Saujana Hijau,The Promenade,The Botanical Garden,The Boardwalk,Taman Wawasan,Chancerry Garden,Taman Wetlands,Water Sports  Centre and Taman Seri Empangan.Sadly,not many people visit and walks in the above mentioned gardens.On weekends,Majority of Malaysians flock to Shopping Complexes for shopping and eating.Old habits die hard.

Public health costs government a  billions ringgit a year.Our lifestyle contribute to many Malaysians having diabetes,high blood pressure and heart diseases.On the 10.10.2015,the Sport Ministry launched our National Sports Day so that we can become a sporting nation.All these events are just  "sport projects".We need more than that.The nation needs a CHANGE MANGEMENT PLAN  to move from where we are now to the Desired Destination.

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