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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Haze Season 2015

It started in the last week of August,2015.My family and I were shrouded by haze all the way when we left Arau all the way to Bangi.We travelld by car via PLUS Highway.Entering the KL City Centre,I hardly could see the clusters of tall flat at Mont Kiara.

I read that two meetings were postphoned between Malaysia and Indonesia counter part to resove this perennial issues.So far,I donot know whether the two have ever managed to sit down and talk to one another.But what I am sure is nothing much have been because this morning the API for Putrajaya is 235 and Shah Alam has exceeded 300!

What will be tomorrow API?It is any body's guess.

On a few occassions,schools had to be closed and our lives are badly interuppted and disrupted.I heard a deafening elegant silence from our government and the Indonesian givernment.Semua buat bodoh and the rakyat suffered in silence and some fell sick.

When it rains,we will know where our roofs are leaking.When we have flood,we know which drains have most rubbish.When we have from our Indonesia neigbour,we know what kind of neighbour we have and we know how caring is our leaders for our well being.A friend told me not depend on our country leaders and he asked me to pray for the rainfalls.

My prayers:May Allah save us from our own follies and give us better leaders.

Below is a photo taken behind Alamanda, Putrajaya. By today,I don't think I could see any birds around.

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