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Friday, 9 October 2015

Green water

It is cool to be green.Major cities world wide are going green and I have green eyes looking at their efforts when the cities of my country are going concrete. Green buildings and landscapes turn me on but last week I have a green encounter of the third kind-green pond located near the beautiful picnic areas at Pantai Irama,Bachok ,Kelantan.I saw green water.As a water engineer,my eyes turned green with anger.Thank God I did not turned into a menacing Incredible Hulk and ran amok around the town.I told myself to remain cool and forget that I am an engineer and wear my other cap as a photographer.Below are two shots I like  to share with my fellow readers:

Nice to look and take photos,but the smell is bad.Many,many years ago,the water was clean and there was  a group of chalets around this pond.Now,it was neglected and became a dumping ground.The Majlis Daerah Bachok must do something urgently-clean the water or fill it up.Failing which ,the image of Pantai Irama will be adversely affected.

Water pollution can be seen all over the country.Many of our rivers are badly polluted and the campaign Love Our River has lost it voice.Even the signboards of Love Our River had fallen down and got washed away in broken pieces floating down the rivers.What a sad story.One glaring example is Sungai Air Hitam that passes through Bandar Baru Bangi.

About 97% of our raw water source for our drinking water comes from the rivers.And yet,we are treating our rivers like major sewers.Talking about sewers,IWK is still struggling to keep our waste water acceptable before the water joins our natural waterways.By the way,Kelantan until today,does not have a company like IWK to manage their waste water.Only God knows when environmental disaster will take place.

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