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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Driving taxi

Last Monday,I used MyTeksi apps to get a ride to Putrajaya Sentral and later catch a Transit ERL to KLIA2.It is cheaper that way because my wife and me are senior citizens who get discount about 50% if we use railway services like ERL and LRT.In less than one minute after I clicked the apps button,I got a call from a cabbie who not oly accpeted my booking but offer me a discount ride all the way from Bangi to KLIA.

He is in late 20s.When he arrived at my home,he took my luggages and put them in the bonnet.Along the way,I asked me why he decided to be a taxi driver.He hailed from Slim River and came to KL after his SPM(MCE/O Level).He did all the odd jobs to feed him and later ended working in a hotel house-keeping department.With low pay,he could not save even RM100 a month.After a few years,he resigned and became a taxi driver.His income started from RM2000 and now with MyTeksi,his income is about RM6000 a month!And according to him a few of his friends are raking even RM10,000 a month.Now, I understand why traditional taxi drivers are making noises about Uber and Car-sharing initiatives.

When we arrived ,he took out my luggages and put them on the trolley.I paid him RM50.That is what I call a service.He must had learnt during his hotel days.I am very happy for him.On the way to check in,I was thinking hard-I am in the wrong business!

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