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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Walking in KL

Wide and clean roadside pavement to walk in the city should be the goal of city planners and city hall.The above is a good example whenever new property development takes off,generous space is given to pedestrians.This one is between Nu Sentral and Jalan Brickfields.

The above is another good example where efforts were made to landscape the space between the buildings and the the main road was converted to a linear garden and the pedestrians covered walkway.More money should be allocated for this 'redevelopment ' for the benefits of city dwellelers and visitors.To me,this promotes not only healthy lifestyle to get people to walk more but also reduce traffic congestions in the city during peak hours.No need to drive for lunch.Walking is cheaper and healthier.This is what I did today when went to visit a few friends at JKR HQ,KL.I took the Komuter from UKM,Bangi and travelled to Bank Negara Komuter Station.From here,I walked to JKR Office.After meeting my friends and had tosai,I walked to SOGO,passing Bank Negara building,DBKL and CIMB HQ.It was a breeze and fun for me.I burnt some calories,help to reduce city CO2 emission and save a few ringgit.Just look at the narrow sidewalk of the roads designed in the 70's.We have to do some paradigm shift that roads are not only for the cars,but the roads are also for the pedestrians and cyclists.In one  simple word,the roads are for the people first.To make this change possible,there is a need in changing the policy and budget for the urban transport planning .

It is sad to note that we are repeating the mistakes done by developed world while they are going ahead with green and sustainable city life right in front of our very eyes.

One thing that I must congratulate DBKL is the effort to connect major shopping centres.One great example is the elevated walkways from KLCC to Pavilion.I just love to walk here.By the way,it is air-conditioned!

As a senior citizen and someone who worked as an engineer for JKR in nation building,I feel very sad if we keep on destroying our green environment.Let us keep it cool and green for us and hand them over to our grand children..


  1. Half of the road from KLCC to Masjid Assyakirin has been gobbled up in the name of development?.. When money is more important than ....

    1. Our education system produced business leaders who shared the western capitalist values.Habblun Minallah and Hablun Minanass are missing.