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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Side Story of Pasar Siti Khadijah(PSK),Kota Bharu.

The above photo is a familiar shot taken by most visitors and photographers who visited this famous market(PSK).It is a view from the top showing a neatly rows or columns of vendors selling their products.What I am going to blog about is not about my beautiful photo shots of PSK but more about what are needed to be done so that PSK  fits to wear the name of Siti Khadijah.PSK is The Market for KB and Kelantan.And Siti Khadijah is the name of Prophet Muhammad first wife.

As a Kelantan born Malay,I enjoyed a rich tapestry of exotic Kelantan cakes and delicacies.Below  is my favourite row of Kelantan cakes which is a must visit every time I visit PSK.

Inside the main hall of the market,it is filled and packed with vendors. Below are examples of those stalls outside the main hall.A few vendors are selling on the stairs/steps.

The December ,2014 flood had damaged the external open space for vendors to sell their products.Six months later,nothing was done to facilitate and make good the damaged  areas so that the traders could resume their business.Below are some snapshots  that made me feel very sad.Just look how bad their conditions are..Don't we care?

Below is a backlane view of the small restaurants around the PSK.Their conditions need a lot of refurbishment work so that the external facade of PSK willlook pleasing to visitors and tourists.Every time tourist enters this famous market,I feel ashamed that such a state icon was badly  maintained  and neglected.In some places,it is rotting now...

I walk this market at least six times in a year.It URGENTLY needs upgrading and refurbishment in all aspects and needs good and effective FACILTIIES MANAGEMENT.Failing which,it will deteriorate to another market like the one in Bachok.Market Bachok is another story.My heart bleeds..

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