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Monday, 14 September 2015


Waking up this morning,I have a shocking hazy Monday greeting of API 160 in Putrajaya.I live in Bangi,located about 5km east of Putrajaya.I donot know about API for Bangi,but I use Putrajaya as my reference.From the veranda of my house facing PLUS and Putrajaya,I cloud see thick haze filling the horizon.Looking eastwards,the sun is no where to be seen.

My firends who live in Cheras could smell the burnt air and I suffered irritating eyes and course throat and coughs due to bad air quality.It is anticipated that this hazy conditions will be around us until end of the month,September 2015.In the last three days,I was imprisoned in my own house.It was not safe for me to go out and I missed my cycling,not to mention about others who have to go outdoors to earn their living.

This matter is not something new.It has been repeating itself for more than a decade.Both governments of Indonesia and Malaysia had a few rounds of talks to mitigate these issues related to burning that affect badly the quality of  people life in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.Whatever talks had taken place and actions taken so far,it appeared that the matters were not being resolved and the haze is getting worse.

There are other important factors,but what matters most is the public health.Those who keep burning trees and plantation in Sumatra or other part of Indonesia could not care less about us.Their financial gains and conveneince matter more.Our quality of  lives are no concerns of theirs.My question -Do we care for our own people???

Are we just going to wait and pray for the rainfalls to clear the air?The government and the people must do something to change our conditions.Then,we pray.-Quran:Surah 13:11

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