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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Side Story of Pasar Siti Khadijah(PSK),Kota Bharu.

The above photo is a familiar shot taken by most visitors and photographers who visited this famous market(PSK).It is a view from the top showing a neatly rows or columns of vendors selling their products.What I am going to blog about is not about my beautiful photo shots of PSK but more about what are needed to be done so that PSK  fits to wear the name of Siti Khadijah.PSK is The Market for KB and Kelantan.And Siti Khadijah is the name of Prophet Muhammad first wife.

As a Kelantan born Malay,I enjoyed a rich tapestry of exotic Kelantan cakes and delicacies.Below  is my favourite row of Kelantan cakes which is a must visit every time I visit PSK.

Inside the main hall of the market,it is filled and packed with vendors. Below are examples of those stalls outside the main hall.A few vendors are selling on the stairs/steps.

The December ,2014 flood had damaged the external open space for vendors to sell their products.Six months later,nothing was done to facilitate and make good the damaged  areas so that the traders could resume their business.Below are some snapshots  that made me feel very sad.Just look how bad their conditions are..Don't we care?

Below is a backlane view of the small restaurants around the PSK.Their conditions need a lot of refurbishment work so that the external facade of PSK willlook pleasing to visitors and tourists.Every time tourist enters this famous market,I feel ashamed that such a state icon was badly  maintained  and neglected.In some places,it is rotting now...

I walk this market at least six times in a year.It URGENTLY needs upgrading and refurbishment in all aspects and needs good and effective FACILTIIES MANAGEMENT.Failing which,it will deteriorate to another market like the one in Bachok.Market Bachok is another story.My heart bleeds..

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Walking in KL

Wide and clean roadside pavement to walk in the city should be the goal of city planners and city hall.The above is a good example whenever new property development takes off,generous space is given to pedestrians.This one is between Nu Sentral and Jalan Brickfields.

The above is another good example where efforts were made to landscape the space between the buildings and the the main road was converted to a linear garden and the pedestrians covered walkway.More money should be allocated for this 'redevelopment ' for the benefits of city dwellelers and visitors.To me,this promotes not only healthy lifestyle to get people to walk more but also reduce traffic congestions in the city during peak hours.No need to drive for lunch.Walking is cheaper and healthier.This is what I did today when went to visit a few friends at JKR HQ,KL.I took the Komuter from UKM,Bangi and travelled to Bank Negara Komuter Station.From here,I walked to JKR Office.After meeting my friends and had tosai,I walked to SOGO,passing Bank Negara building,DBKL and CIMB HQ.It was a breeze and fun for me.I burnt some calories,help to reduce city CO2 emission and save a few ringgit.Just look at the narrow sidewalk of the roads designed in the 70's.We have to do some paradigm shift that roads are not only for the cars,but the roads are also for the pedestrians and cyclists.In one  simple word,the roads are for the people first.To make this change possible,there is a need in changing the policy and budget for the urban transport planning .

It is sad to note that we are repeating the mistakes done by developed world while they are going ahead with green and sustainable city life right in front of our very eyes.

One thing that I must congratulate DBKL is the effort to connect major shopping centres.One great example is the elevated walkways from KLCC to Pavilion.I just love to walk here.By the way,it is air-conditioned!

As a senior citizen and someone who worked as an engineer for JKR in nation building,I feel very sad if we keep on destroying our green environment.Let us keep it cool and green for us and hand them over to our grand children..

Monday, 14 September 2015


Waking up this morning,I have a shocking hazy Monday greeting of API 160 in Putrajaya.I live in Bangi,located about 5km east of Putrajaya.I donot know about API for Bangi,but I use Putrajaya as my reference.From the veranda of my house facing PLUS and Putrajaya,I cloud see thick haze filling the horizon.Looking eastwards,the sun is no where to be seen.

My firends who live in Cheras could smell the burnt air and I suffered irritating eyes and course throat and coughs due to bad air quality.It is anticipated that this hazy conditions will be around us until end of the month,September 2015.In the last three days,I was imprisoned in my own house.It was not safe for me to go out and I missed my cycling,not to mention about others who have to go outdoors to earn their living.

This matter is not something new.It has been repeating itself for more than a decade.Both governments of Indonesia and Malaysia had a few rounds of talks to mitigate these issues related to burning that affect badly the quality of  people life in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.Whatever talks had taken place and actions taken so far,it appeared that the matters were not being resolved and the haze is getting worse.

There are other important factors,but what matters most is the public health.Those who keep burning trees and plantation in Sumatra or other part of Indonesia could not care less about us.Their financial gains and conveneince matter more.Our quality of  lives are no concerns of theirs.My question -Do we care for our own people???

Are we just going to wait and pray for the rainfalls to clear the air?The government and the people must do something to change our conditions.Then,we pray.-Quran:Surah 13:11

Sunday, 13 September 2015


From this photo,the mode of failure clearly indicated that instability of the crane caused it to collapse.The lateral wind loading from the sand storm toppled the crane .So what is new?It happened in Malaysia and all over the world.History repeats itself because we humans seldom learn from previous incidents/accidents.It is a RISK MANAGEMENT ISSUE that was NOT given due attention.We can't stop the accidents from happening but at least we could mitigate the risks and the negative impact to people and properties at or near construction site.

Money is not an issue for a rich country like KSA.Competency(knowledge,skill and attitude) is a major problem worldwide,including Malaysia.


Friday, 4 September 2015


Pelbagai peristiwa yang berlaku di seluruh dunia ,khususnya di negara kita Malaysia dalam tempuh terdekat menambah lagi keyaqinan saya terhadap kebenaran ayat Quran saperti berikut.Bagi diri saya dan rakan sewaktu dengan saya(60an),tidak lama lagi tirai pentas akan di labuhkan.Bersegeralah kita memperbaiki dan menambah bekalan kita untuk satu kehidupan akhirat yang kekal abadi.InsyaAllah.
[57:20] Ketahuilah bahawa (yang dikatakan) kehidupan dunia itu tidak lain hanyalah (bawaan hidup yang berupa semata-mata) permainan dan hiburan (yang melalaikan) serta perhiasan (yang mengurang), juga (bawaan hidup yang bertujuan) bermegah-megah di antara kamu (dengan kelebihan, kekuatan dan bangsa keturunan) serta berlumba-lumba membanyakkan harta benda dan anak pinak; (semuanya itu terhad waktunya) samalah seperti hujan yang (menumbuhkan tanaman yang menghijau subur) menjadikan penanamnya suka dan tertarik hati kepada kesuburannya, kemudian tanaman itu bergerak segar (ke suatu masa yang tertentu), selepas itu engkau melihatnya berupa kuning; Akhirnya ia menjadi hancur bersepai dan (hendaklah diketahui lagi, bahawa) di akhirat ada azab yang berat (di sediakan bagi golongan yang hanya mengutamakan kehidupan dunia itu) dan (ada pula) keampunan besar serta keredaan dari Allah (disediakan bagi orang-orang yang mengutamakan akhirat) dan (ingatlah, bahawa) kehidupan dunia ini tidak lain hanyalah kesenangan bagi orang-orang yang terpedaya.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


It was just another day of celebration for our National Independence Anniversary.For this year,Bersih4 was more dominant prior to the National Day.

Personally,I have nothing new to celebrate other than it is our national day anniversary.Political and economic situations arised from the GST and the issues related to 1MDB are of great concerns to many of us who  are normal citizens and especially the low income group like me who are struggling to meet ends meet against the escalation of price of goods we need for our daily lives.

Everyday,I read the views of fellow Malaysians in social media about their concerns on the present political and ecnomic scenario of our country.I could feel the heat and vibrations.Sometimes,I feel very sad,at time I got angry and sometimes I had a good laugh.Words and events are moving faster than I could read and see them.As a concerned and informed observer on the 'kaki lima',I am asking myself,what is next.

A young man asked me what is going to be the future of our country.It reminds of one ayat from the Holy Quran:

For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.

So,young man,your future depends more on what you are going to do now for yourself and your country.My generation of senior citizens are fading away..