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Friday, 7 August 2015

The age has spoken..

I am not feeling well this week.This morning,I had to see a doctor because I felt grooggy in my head and  weak in my chest.On inspection and test,my sugar blood is normal and blood pressure is okay.I was told that I must eat carbo in the morning and take care of my diets.It was due to low sugar in my blood.This morning,I ate oats with milk and drank Nescafe before my solat suboh.I started feeling weak and sick while performing my solat at the masjid.The Imam read Surah Sejadah and Surat Al-Insan and my body was struggling to keep standing.My age has spoken that I am a de facto senior citizen with physical limitations.Gone were my roaring 40s and rolling 50s.I became a 60 years old man in September,2012 but I still felt young three years ago.Now,not any more...Now, I must behave like any other senior citizen.

This week is a great wake up call for me to be aware that I am in my 60s..I am blessed with good health for the last six decades and at the moment do not suffer any major or chronic illness.I am not on any medication.My only daily supplements are cod liver oil,garlic oil and pharmaton.Alhamdulilah.

I still work for my living and do not have any pension like many of friends who worked for the government.I am still working 2 or 3 days a week as a business/project consultant. From next month September,2015,I will be will giving lectures/coaching to MBA students in a local business school.This is my way to share and impart my 30 years experience to the next generations of business leaders.For my family business,I have been coaching and grooming my youngest son to take over and run my business.Hopefully,I can handover fully in two years time when I am 65 years old and he is 28 years old,insyaAllah.

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