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Friday, 21 August 2015

My photos now are at Getty Images

I am very happy to receive this type of email from EyeEm-almost every month.It shows that my photos are being observed and selected from time to time and put on sale at Getty Images.It keeps me inspired and motivated.When my photo gets chosen,it is a recognition of my photography.When,it gets sold it is acknowledged rewards.

If you wish your photos to be sold at Getty Images,join and submit your shots for sale.


  1. Salam Pak Adib. I was browsing through your old posts and came upon this one. I decided to give EyeEm a try and it looks to be quite a good site. I have become your follower, hope you don't mind. Your pics in EyeEm are impressive.

    1. Wassalam.You are most welcome to be my follower.The pleasure is mine!Thanks for your compliments.