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Tuesday, 18 August 2015


My last posting was about being mentally active.Last weekend,I had three days of mental hiking and mountain biking through a journey of listening, talking, dramas, listening to poems,acting ,pretending and reflecting on a body of knowledge related to governance.It was more than what I asked for.Next time,I  better be careful with what I  asked for-I may ended with too much too chew like the foods and drinks provided by the hotel during our lunches and dinners.

It was a new way of  learning for me in the methodology used to get the people to learn and understand a new concept.It was very effective way to get to know what it was through answering probing questions and sharing the answers with fellow participants.Later,we told our personal stories to reflect the meanings of what we understood about the concept.On the last and third day,we gathered what we have learnt and created scenario where the new knowledge could be applied.

As a trainer in project management,I became a trainee in governance workshop.When the role was reversed,I could learn how the coaching gets into the trainee.

Today I need a rest to allow my body,mind and soul to  be relieved of various stress and strain they had suffered and enjoyed in the last three days.Tomorrow,I am going cycling with my buddies.

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