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Friday, 14 August 2015

Mentally active as we grow older..

I read a book a month and blog every other day.To keep my creative juice flowing,I take photos almost daily.These are my routine activities to keep me going as I entered my senior years or old age.I don't have many years left,so I want to make the best of what I have for now..

Two months ago,I was nominated to be a coach in a MBA program by a local business school.From tonight,I will be attending a three days retreat with fellow academicians and industry experts to develop a course curriculum for 18 months MBA program.I will do less lecture but more on business case studies and coaching future business leaders.My concept will be based on MAN OF ADAB-  a model that will apply Islamic values and practice in the context of hablum minallah and hablum minanas.

Teaching the young is a pre-requisite for great civilisation.The old and experienced like me must share and impart our knowledge and experiences before we die.That is why I took up this challenge.Other than earning some money,I will have sedakah jariah with whatever knowledge I left behind,insyaAllah.

My late father was a Tok Guru Pondok in Kelantan in the 50s&60s..I have chosen to be an engineer against his wishes.He wanted me to be a teacher.Now,by becoming a coach,I will be a teacher to working managers who are doing their MBA degrees.At last,I shall fulfillmy father's wishes some 35 after his death,insyaAllah.

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