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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Last sunday,I chose to ride my bicycle with my friends in Putrajaya.I was not feeling well a few days before,But I forced myself to be active instead of resting at home and feeling misery alone.It has done me a lot of good.Instead of my original plan to cycle only 10km,I ended cycling 20km and visiting two good locations by the Putrajaya  lakes for shooting photos.My gloomy feelings turned me into a happy man just by cycling.
Photo by Janet Chen

I don't know what went into my body or mind,but I felt energetic and happy after the ride.We chatted and laughed along the route and at our pitstops.This is not my first experience but it is one of the benefits of cycling in a group of good friends.Others also have simialar good experience/benefits from cycling.It is also a way to de-stress after a week of working.If you are not into cycling,walking is also a good activity with similar benefits.By the way,I do both cycling on weekends and walking on weekdays.

Photos of my PUR friends having drinks after our ride.

From my observations,my twice a month cycling is not adequate for my aging body to keep fit and healthy.I need to cycle every week with friends.On some weekends,I am not free due to family get together and social functions.To keep once a week cycling,I plan to cycle on Wednesdays as well.

To add more fun to our cycling,many of us take photos of our cycling activities as well as the places we passed through.

To my peers-those in lates 50s and early 60s,let us stay active,fit and healthy.I bet you,it is more fun than being sick!Just look at the black swans who keep pedalling when they are in the water..

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