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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The last ten days of Ramadan 1436

I was late for my 'asar prayer(solat) at the Masjid Al-Hasanah.When I arrived,I did not have time for my solat sunat.I sat on the second row and saw the sunrays fell on the heads and shoulders in front of me.It was a beautiful sight to behold.It looks like a spot light shining on the singer in a concert.
I waited for the solat and immediately after the solat,I went up the mezzanine floor of the masjid and took a few photos using my camera phone.How I wish I have my real camera with me.

My thanks to Allah for making me taking note of the moment and let me shoot it and share it with my friends especially fellow photographers who know the value of such great moment that is not easy to come by.To me,it is a Ramadan Gift from Allah to me.

I used these photos to pull my fellow muslims to be at the masjid more than in their own home during these ten days of Ramadan.Let us do ibadah sunat to get and seek the pleasure of Allah.And at the same time to seek and be granted Lailatul Qadar,insyaAllah.To my fellow muslims and muslimahs,let us do it.One thing that I am not sure whether I will be around in Ramadan,1436/2016.

Personally,I prefer to break fast at home.Why not take a few days to join fellow muslims breaking  fast at the masjid?You shall meet new friends and more people who are less fortunate than you.Some are homeless...

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