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Friday, 31 July 2015


I was tired last night,and fell asleep just after 9pm.At 2:30AM I was awaken by bad dream and now I cannot go back to sleep.First thing,I check my whatapps groups,my emails and my Facebook.Then,I uploaded a few good photos to Fujifilm to take part in international Fujifilm competition and added a few photos to

Reading the reports,news and messages from newsportals and social media made me sleepless.All Malaysians read the news but what are facts,lies,rumours are yet to be ascertained.On Tuesday 28/7/2015,a few ministers and senior government officers were replaced.As one of the informed and rational Malaysians,I am very worried what lies ahead-politically and economically.Everyone of us have our own personal views based on one's information,knowledge and experience.But one thing is common:What lies ahead of us as a nation?

Personally,I offer no suggestions and recommendation on the way how we should govern our country and neither what political system we should adopt. I am no expert in these matters.However,as a nation,the politicians,the government officers and the intellectuals must pool their resources and work together for Malaysia.Leaders come and leaders go,management come and management go,but the nation remains and must prevail.We must have the right system in place.Let us look back in the last three decades since Tun Mahathir Muhamad and to the present Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak eras.What had gone wrong,what we had done right;we need review and replan and move forward.

My generation of leaders in government and business sectors are old,aging and fading away.We need to groom and train new leaders to last  this 21st century.What is the rush to be developed nation by 2020?What matters most is we are on the right path and moving forward and not backward.

May I quote Voltaire:The common minds talk about events,but the great minds talk about ideas.

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  1. You cannot sleep because you have conscience.