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Monday, 13 July 2015

Sentiasa bersamamu..

Satu perkara yang paling bermakna-sentiasa bersama..

Being together is very important as family members.I am very lucky that my wife is with me all along my working life.She is a full time house wife.Some of my friends live on their own with kids when their wives had to work/go further stduies some where else and vice versa.Many of us have to live away from our family because the duty calls or on special assignments.

Now,two of my sons got married and they live with their own families-wives and kids like the days when I was a young father.Thank God,I still have one last son for the moment.Not long,he will get married but I hope he lives with us.My wife and me always look forward to when my kids returning home with their familes  for lunch and dinner.When we have  our meals together,I feel very happy-just like the old time when my children were kids.Now,I knew why my Chinese friends have to be home for dinner during Chinese New Year.

Every month,I try my best to go back to my village and stay with my mother for a few days.I know how she feels when I return home-just like how my sons come back to my home.It is about being together again-Setiasa Bersamamu.

Eidul Fitri is less than a week away.InsyaAllah,my wife and son will go back to my village and enjoy our Eid with my mother and relatives in the kampung.This weekend is my mother's turn when her kids are coming home.

Only those who had to live apart will really appreciate the meaning of Sentiasa Bersamamu.

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