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Every time,there is invitation to Majlis Khatam Quran,it reminds me of my trip to Taif,KSA (2005) where I visited Makam and Library of Ibn Abbas RA,the sahabah of the my beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.He made a good example by attending most Majlis Khatam Quran due to its significant and benefits/rewards.I am trying harder to follow his exemplary footsteps,insyaAllah.

Last night 27th Ramadan,1436,our Masjid Al-Hasanah had our Ramadan Khatam Quran after solat tarawikh.Out of 500 muslims who performed the tarawikh prayers only 100 stayed back and only half of them joined the majlis khatam Quran.This is a very good example between  information and knowledge.Information leads to knowing the objects of knowledge,but knowledge comes with the arrival of meaning and manifested by our recognising and acknowledging through our actions/amal.May Allah guides us and keep us on siratul mustaqqin until we arrive at our final abode and meet Allah swt,insyaAllah.


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Cerita Kedaikopi : # 86-31.03.2002

The only way we're going to lose our relevance is if we stop learning..

"I have been reading your 'Cerita Kedaikopi' stories but I still have

not finished reading the previous ones",said

my friend who happens to be one of my avid readers."Well, I took four

years to write 85 stories but please donot

try to read them within a month. Take your time and read them at your

own pace-otherwise you will have indigestion.

By the way, don't forget to read my other weblogs and travel journals as

well", I replied. Then he asked," How come

I do not receive anything this month?

'Honestly, it is easier to read than to write. What more if one is busy

with one's own business and some urgent

family matters to attend to. My wife's uncle, a well known writer once

told me: You can't do both; either you

write or you do business. He is right and spoke from his experience. He

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I was on the Transit Train from KLIA to Putrajaya yesterday.On the way,I saw a dark cloud and I prayed to Allah to delay the rain until I arrived at Putrajaya Sentral where I park my car.On arrival,I was greeted with a down pour!OMG,now,I had to wait for the rain to stop.I was complaining..
There was no way for us to get to our car without getting wet.My wife suggested we walk around the station..May be we can buy dinner to take away.As I walked around reluctantly,we came upon a kiosk selling coffee/cakes.We were offered a small free cup of coffee as part of their product promotion.Immediately I accepted the offer.Having hot coffee on a raining day is great!
As we moved around,we came upon a Kerepok Leko Stall.This is another lovely surprise!We ordered a set of kerepok leko and enjoyed our 'high tea'.By the time we finished our meal,the rain stopped and we went to our car and drove home.

The above is my short story.The moral of the story is for you to interpret and take home a le…