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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


This morning I was very happy to meet a friend about a business proposal.On returning home at 4:30pm,I got a very sad news that my dear friend Allahyarham Dato' Seri Dr Wahid Omar has passed away at his house this afternoon.Life is such..

Before last Ramadan ,I called him but his wife took the call.She informed me the late Dato' Seri was not well.When I asked what day I could visit him,his wife told me that Dato' Seri sleep during the day.So,I decided to visit him during Eidil Fitri.On 2nd Syawal,I called his house but no one answered the call.I presumed that my friend was sick and not in a situation to receive visitors.May be I should call again on better time.Twenty six days later,he passed away.

I knew Dr Wahid when we shared the same office on 1st floor,Wisma PKNS,Jalan Raja Laut since 1984.We remained good and close friend for about 30 years.He was the best structural engineer that JKR has ever had and a man of impeccable intergrity and will stick to his principles of good values and abide by the discipline of his knowledge even against the desire and commands from his superiors.He only feared Allah and I was his witness.Wakaffabillahi shahida..

Ya Allah,please forgive my friend Abdul Wahid Omar.Now,he returned to You,My Lord.Please accept him ,forgive him and put him among the solihin and grant him Al-Jahnah as his final abode.Amin Ya Rabbul 'Alamin.

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