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Friday, 17 July 2015

Good bye Ramadan 1436

Not all of my peers can fast for the whole of Ramadan.A few of us are sick and can only fast a few days.Health takes its toll  as age 60+ catches with us.I am grateful to Allah that I am overall okay and did my fasting for whole of Ramadan 1436.Last year, I got sick at the beginning of fasting  month but this year I was okay except for some tired days that I did not go and solat terrawih.Alhamdulilah.

I du'a that I will be able to meet the next Ramadan in 1437(2016) .Last year,Allah granted me to fast this year.I hope will give me another chance to fast again next year.

To younger men in their 30s,40s and 50s,please take the opportunity given to you to get Lailatul Qadr every year.Never wait until you are 60 years old like me.Why?First,you may die earlier and second you may be sick and could not do fasting and solat terawih.Now,I experience some minor pains in my backs and knees and could not do more solat terawih and solat qiamulail as I want.Aging has spoken and I am embracing it.Every day,I will closer to my death.

Why not take some time to flash back what we had done,not  done and could have done during the last Ramadan?If you did not have a plan,there is no way to measure your performance and achievement.If you have a plan,look for the negative variances and take measure to improve on it.Don't wait until next Ramadan to make the change.We have to make the change now and live  it through the next Ramadan.The major objective of fasting is to achieve the state of taqwa.There are a few levels of taqwa.Where is our maqam now?

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