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Saturday, 4 July 2015


There are a lot of stories in the Quran.Allah teaches us through stories dating back to Adam.We read story books when we were small and still do until now.Our grand mothers told us stories of the yesteryears and our mothers tell/read stories to us.In schools,we heard more stories from our teachers and also from our friends.When we read newspapers,more stories being reported on the current affairs.Fast forward to today,more and more stories are coming to us via TV,Radio,Web and our smart phones.

Most of us love to hear  stories.That is why,story is a good medium to pass the message or educate people.Undertstanding is more important than just knowing.Similarly,I plan to use storytelling in imparting my knowledge and whatever wisdom I gained over the last three decades to potential business leaders.A few days ago,I got a letter from a business school to nominate me as one of their lecturers.They correctly identified me to do informal teaching i.e not via normal class lectures.I love to do it in a cafe environment at the faculty where I could engage with MBA students on current business issues.From these live discourse,I will impart and challenge them on the applications of knowledge and skills in business strategic and operation matters.

I was asked why I wanted to do this.My reasons are as follows:

1.I want to share my experience as ex government officer,corporate executive,consultant and entrepreneur.I have made many mistakes and achieved few successes.Many lessons learned that could benefit new business leaders and future CEOs.

2.I observed many wrong things being practised in the world of business.The principles and the practice need to be reviewed using human governance  and divine guidance and sunnah.

3.More focus on the leaders and human values in business dealing and operations.

4.From Islamic point of view,I want to pass on benefitial knowledge and wisdom to the next generations so that I could get pahla jariah.In becoming a teacher,I fulfill my late father's request that I become a teacher and not an engineer per se.

5.Last but not the least,I shall be paid some money to pay for my bills and open up more business opportinities before I return to Allah.

What shall be the contents of my teachings?Mainly,the contents will be derived from my obervations and experience BUT I shall be guided by the concept of The Leader with Adab.The meaning of adab will come from my teachers Tan Sri Prof Dr Syed Naguib al-Attas and Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud which I gained from attending their lectures and reading their books.So help me,Ya Allah.May Allah be pleased with me.

Photo note;Taken on 1/12/2006 at IIN

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