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Friday, 19 June 2015


The most qualified people would be the architects and the town planners to talk about this subject matter.I am only an old engineer who just fell in love with urban geometry when I walk the streets of Putrajaya since I started cycling here way back in 2008.As I cycle and I walk,I began to appreciate the beauty of geometry being applied by the town planners,building architects and landscape architects of Putrajaya.Kudos to them!!!

My first academic encounters with geometry was way back in 1969 when I was in Form 4,TIKL.Here,I studied Additional Maths and Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing as my MCE subjects.With a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering,I have better background knowledge to appreciate the beauty of geometry in urban landscape.
When I took up photography seriously in the last three years,my eyes began to see the beauty of geometry in action.Now,I have a love affair with geometry.Thank God,it was not with another woman;otherwise I can't go cycling in Putrajaya.

Many of my friends would ask what is so great about boring lines and shapes.A few will kill me if I keep talking about analytical geometry or trigonometry because they just hate Mathematics.I don't blame them because it is either you see or you don't see.To appreciate more,one needs some knowledge in geometry and a good pair of beautiful eyes.

InsyaAllah,may be in July or August,2015 I plan to organise a GEOMETRY PHOTOWALK from PM Office to PICC and back~8km.Herewith I attached three photos to seduce you to come with me for a walk.No need to be a good photographer-just enjoy the walk.It is good for your legs,eyes and heart.

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