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Friday, 26 June 2015

Pinky Reader

I love to see people reading in public places.Any chance,I will try to take photos of them.I was in Lot 10 last night waiting for my iftar(fast breaking).The lady was absorbed in  the book that she did not seem to care I was taking this photo about 10 feet away.The other thing I noticed is her pink shoes,pink bag and pink book.I had the same experience that once I was deep into my reading,I am disconnected with my immediate physical world.I will be some where- where the book takes me there..

My congratulations to Lot 10 Management for providing a few benches for its patrons to sit down and relax.Many shopping complex want their visitors to keep walking to look and buy their goods.Lot 10 caresmespecially for senior citizens like me to take a breather after climbing Bukit Bintang area..

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