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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Thank You Allah..I have just found a long lost favourite calculator HP 12C.I bought it in 2006 to celebrate HP25TH YEAR anniversary.It went into a wrong bag when I moved house five years ago.I was wondering whether it is still working.I pressed the ON button and it is alive and I kissed it.This is my first time kissing a calculator.Luckily no one was around to see my nerdy behaviour.

Nowadays,who need a calculator albeit a programmable one? A smart phones with its hundreds of apps will take care of the all old calculator functions.To me,I prefer the old calculator like the one above.Who needs a watch if all times in more than 160 cities can be read from a smart phone.Some people still prefer a watch;and a few still want the old mechanical watch with brands like Rolex and Dior etc.

I love gadgets but I am no techie who tweaks,hacks and cannabalised their gadgets and made them better.I have both Mac and PC.I started with Palm Pilot and ended with Treo 650 before the Smart Phones came and rule the planet earth.I blogged with geicities and used typepad and blogger dot com.I am a Flickr and 500px members-in short been there and done that.Now,I am active on Facebook and enjoy my book,cycling and photography..

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