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Monday, 22 June 2015

Met TDM at Bazaar Ramadan ,Putrajaya

I was on my way to Bazaar Ramadan Putrajaya to snap some photos for my Putrajaya Photowalk yesterday.As I walked around,the place was jam-packed with people.The spacings between the rows of stalls were congested and I could hardly walk around to take photos of people and the stalls.So I waited by the side to see anything worth taking photos.

I got more than what I asked for.I saw Tun Dr. Mahathir being surrounded by the people.He walked slower than the snails becuase everyone wanted to have selfie with this Grand Old Man.Lately ,he became famous for his attack on PM DS Najib.I waited for the clear line of sight to take his photos.I gave my salam greeting to him and he replied.We shaked hands.This is my second time of meeting him in person and shaked hands with him since 1982 when I was the District Engineer of JKR Kota Setar/Padang Terap.An English couple was also in the big crowd.I heard the lady said,"I love this man".I smiled to her and she smiled back.As TDM moved away to return to his car,I heard the crowd chanting,"Hidup Mahathir".Then,I headed my way to Masjid sultan Mizan for my photoshots there before iftar,(breaking of fast).


  1. Askm Abedib PERKIM selaku penganjur program Tadarus Al-Quran Perdana yang akan diadakan di Masjid Wilayah Jalan Duta pada hari Sabtu 27 Jun 2015 lepas Zohor, menjemput Abedib dan kawan2 SDARA untuk sama2 bertadus Quran di bulan Ramadan yang mana Al-Quran diturunkan. YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir selaku Yang Dipertua PERKIM Insya Allah akan hadir bersama.

  2. Wassalam and Thanks for your kind invitations.

  3. Wassalam and Thanks for your kind invitations.

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