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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lessons from The Street Photographer

If there is a free seminar or talk on photography,I will attend it. Even if I have to pay,I will.This is one of the most cost effective way to learn about my camera and how to take better photos.At the same time,I can meet fellow photographers who are better than me.Most of them are willing to share their knowledge and experience.The above photo shown was yesterday Fuji X-Perience Phototalk in conjunction with the launching of Fujifilm X-10.Since I already have Fujifilm X-T1,I was more interested to listen to the speakers on their experience being X-Photographers of World Class!

One of the lessons that I learnt was to keep shooting everyday and for each week I must select one shot as my best photo.In one year,I will at least have a collection of 50 good shots.This process will keep me challenging my ability to shoot better photos 50 times in one year.According to Mr Shanker,a photographer and journalist,this challenge will push us to the higher level.He also mentioned  about shooting photos with great colours and contrast.One of the recommmended place is a market where there are  always a lot of people with a hive of activites.Location is very important to give the context of the story.And the story should be captured with feeling.

From my short experience in shooting better photos,it is very difficult to get a good visual with great story and feeling.But then,that is the challenge to be a good photographer!

 Traffic light junction is one good location in the city to take photos.Most cars and people stop and wait here.I could see a lot of colours and characters at this location.

The above photo is very unique if you walk along this sidewalk.If we were driving through this road,we only see these windows as doors.However,only yesterday I peeped into the 'doors' and found out that these 'doors' are actually windows to an old kopitiam .The floor level of this restaurant is about 1 metre below this pedestrians sidewalk!

This is one nice and well maintained five-foot way a.k.a 'kaki lima' in Malay.We can see and capture a lot of things happening on kaki lima.At the same time,we should capture old buildings with great architecture.They are fading away very fast..

If we walk the streets and open our eyes,we could see the varieties of the way we dress,the way we walk and behave and people interactions.Everyone is very busy going their own ways.It makes me think and ponder about my own life..

As they say,life on the street is the mirror of how how society lives.We have everything-the good,the bad and the ugly ones.C'est la vie..

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