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Lecture on the meaning and purpose of Education

Date:13/6/2105 Saturday :9-11pm @Dewan  Utama,UTM,KL, by Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor bin Wan Daud,Director of CASIS.

Saturday Night Lecture was my favourite event during the ISTAC days.To listen to Prof Dr Syed Naquib Al-Attas was a privilege for common folks like me.The scholars flocked to ISTAC just to be members of the audience.For me,I felt embarassed to be sitting on the same bench with learned souls.But I did go to seek the knowledge of the esteemed scholar Prof Dr Syed Naguib Al-Attas.It was during these lectures that I met and became friends with Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor bin Wan Daud and Prof Dr Muhamad Zainy Uthman.As they say,the rest is history.

Fast track to CASIS,UTM,KL...

To me,it is a new place for the scholars of ISTAC to continue their mission to spread the right knowledge on  Islam and propagate Islamic scholars traditions.I salute their efforts and pray that Allah facilitates their endeavours to achieve their vision and mission.

The topic for that night was the meaning and the purpose of education.The Islamic vis-a-vis The Secular philosophy of education was expounded by Prof Wan Mohd Nor.Knowing what I have been through my so called education,I need to be re-educated.My namesake Adib  is haunting me because I did not have  the proper ta'adib to be a Man of Adab.Now,I know why my country has many problems.[Ramai yang baidab]

InsyaAllah,I will spend some time to study about being a Man of Adab and based on my corporate and entreprenuer experience,I will develop a few hours of lectures for MBA program  embedded with the discipline of Adab.


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