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Thursday, 18 June 2015

First Ramadhan,1436

Alhamdulilah,Allah has granted my last Ramadhan doa so that I can live to meet and  fast this Ramadhan,1436.First day is my normal weak day as I grow older.Now,I am 64 years old according to Hjiri calender;and that is a year older than the age of my beloved Prophet Muhammad's age when he passed away.I am now living on injury time or EOT.

Death or sickness can come to me at any time.About 10 of my batch at SDAR had passed away,many are sick etc.It is imperative that I must make full use of my Ramadhan to worship Allah,obey His Commands and seek His pleasure.

Now, I have less and less senior members of my family as the years go by,I feel that my time to die is getting nearer and nearer.However,I am a very lucky man of 62 years old and still have my mother who is 81 years old.Alhamdulilah.

I am posting this note just to record my gratitude to Allah for His mercy and rezeki that  I am still alive and my doa for a blessed Ramadhan.

To my fellow muslim readers,may I wish you Ramadhan Kareem and may Allah bless you with His Rahmah,Barakkah and Forgiveness,insyaAllah

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