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Monday, 1 June 2015

Expect nothing but I got juxtaposition!

 Yesterday,I got the meaning of expect nothing in street photography.Accompanying my wife to get back her watch sent for repairs at a shop along Jalan Bukit Bintang,I took along my compact camera Lumix LX5 to shoot something that may look interesting.On arrival,when I saw something worth snapping,I read the notice that my SD was NOT inside the camera.I forgot to put it back after downloading my cycling photos I took in the morning.So,what choice do  I have other than using my mobile phone.

The photo shown above is a picture of my photowalking group when I was with them some months back in KL.We were armed to the teeth,so to speak but not yesterday! The same thing happened when I was in Alamanda a month ago.I saw a group of buskers and yet I didnot have a camera with me.So,below is another shot with my Note3.

Below is something on juxtaposition.I was amused to see a man carrying a bag in the advertisement photo was looking at the ladies waiting for the green traffic light to cross the road.Otherwise,it is just a shot of four ladies on the sidewalk.
In street photography,nothing can be planned.I just shoot whatever comes along the way.The pun is intended.However,with some experience,I knew where to wait for something interesting that may take place.Many a time,I got nothing worth sharing..

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