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Saturday, 6 June 2015


I was following quietly on our batch whatapps group.It was not easy to get two claases of us to get together at one place where many of us are living all over Malaysia- not to mention that 50 years have passed by.. 

Thank God,we managed to get about two dozens of us to attend our Alumni SDARA Anual Dinner 2015 yesterday.I managed to see again my old buddies when we parted our separate ways since 1968!It was a very happy occasion for many of us celebrating our 50th Anniversary since we first met in January,1965!

A group of my classmates has formed a singing group.As shown above,they went up the stage and sang the song Masihkah Kau Ingat with some contents modified.It was fun and nostalgic.

As in any celebration,we need good food to fuel the engine to rejoice the event.Below,I shot three of the gang members when they were having desserts after their dinner.All of us wore a specially designed jackets for this event and wore hats as well.We look  more like some gangsters in Sicily,Italy.

The dinner was for all SDARA Alumni Members.To get more time togther among us who sat for MCE(O Level) in 1970,we met for tea three hours earlier.We hugged each other and started telling our grand father's story-the pun is intended.Everyone has more than one story to tell.The noice was deafening and teh tarik kept pouring in.

To you my dear classmates,let us grow old gracefully.As many of us know about each other,we never grow up.We remain Budak SDAR forever..Once A Sdarian...

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