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Friday, 26 June 2015

Pinky Reader

I love to see people reading in public places.Any chance,I will try to take photos of them.I was in Lot 10 last night waiting for my iftar(fast breaking).The lady was absorbed in  the book that she did not seem to care I was taking this photo about 10 feet away.The other thing I noticed is her pink shoes,pink bag and pink book.I had the same experience that once I was deep into my reading,I am disconnected with my immediate physical world.I will be some where- where the book takes me there..

My congratulations to Lot 10 Management for providing a few benches for its patrons to sit down and relax.Many shopping complex want their visitors to keep walking to look and buy their goods.Lot 10 caresmespecially for senior citizens like me to take a breather after climbing Bukit Bintang area..

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Thank You Allah..I have just found a long lost favourite calculator HP 12C.I bought it in 2006 to celebrate HP25TH YEAR anniversary.It went into a wrong bag when I moved house five years ago.I was wondering whether it is still working.I pressed the ON button and it is alive and I kissed it.This is my first time kissing a calculator.Luckily no one was around to see my nerdy behaviour.

Nowadays,who need a calculator albeit a programmable one? A smart phones with its hundreds of apps will take care of the all old calculator functions.To me,I prefer the old calculator like the one above.Who needs a watch if all times in more than 160 cities can be read from a smart phone.Some people still prefer a watch;and a few still want the old mechanical watch with brands like Rolex and Dior etc.

I love gadgets but I am no techie who tweaks,hacks and cannabalised their gadgets and made them better.I have both Mac and PC.I started with Palm Pilot and ended with Treo 650 before the Smart Phones came and rule the planet earth.I blogged with geicities and used typepad and blogger dot com.I am a Flickr and 500px members-in short been there and done that.Now,I am active on Facebook and enjoy my book,cycling and photography..

Monday, 22 June 2015

Met TDM at Bazaar Ramadan ,Putrajaya

I was on my way to Bazaar Ramadan Putrajaya to snap some photos for my Putrajaya Photowalk yesterday.As I walked around,the place was jam-packed with people.The spacings between the rows of stalls were congested and I could hardly walk around to take photos of people and the stalls.So I waited by the side to see anything worth taking photos.

I got more than what I asked for.I saw Tun Dr. Mahathir being surrounded by the people.He walked slower than the snails becuase everyone wanted to have selfie with this Grand Old Man.Lately ,he became famous for his attack on PM DS Najib.I waited for the clear line of sight to take his photos.I gave my salam greeting to him and he replied.We shaked hands.This is my second time of meeting him in person and shaked hands with him since 1982 when I was the District Engineer of JKR Kota Setar/Padang Terap.An English couple was also in the big crowd.I heard the lady said,"I love this man".I smiled to her and she smiled back.As TDM moved away to return to his car,I heard the crowd chanting,"Hidup Mahathir".Then,I headed my way to Masjid sultan Mizan for my photoshots there before iftar,(breaking of fast).

Friday, 19 June 2015


The most qualified people would be the architects and the town planners to talk about this subject matter.I am only an old engineer who just fell in love with urban geometry when I walk the streets of Putrajaya since I started cycling here way back in 2008.As I cycle and I walk,I began to appreciate the beauty of geometry being applied by the town planners,building architects and landscape architects of Putrajaya.Kudos to them!!!

My first academic encounters with geometry was way back in 1969 when I was in Form 4,TIKL.Here,I studied Additional Maths and Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing as my MCE subjects.With a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering,I have better background knowledge to appreciate the beauty of geometry in urban landscape.
When I took up photography seriously in the last three years,my eyes began to see the beauty of geometry in action.Now,I have a love affair with geometry.Thank God,it was not with another woman;otherwise I can't go cycling in Putrajaya.

Many of my friends would ask what is so great about boring lines and shapes.A few will kill me if I keep talking about analytical geometry or trigonometry because they just hate Mathematics.I don't blame them because it is either you see or you don't see.To appreciate more,one needs some knowledge in geometry and a good pair of beautiful eyes.

InsyaAllah,may be in July or August,2015 I plan to organise a GEOMETRY PHOTOWALK from PM Office to PICC and back~8km.Herewith I attached three photos to seduce you to come with me for a walk.No need to be a good photographer-just enjoy the walk.It is good for your legs,eyes and heart.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

First Ramadhan,1436

Alhamdulilah,Allah has granted my last Ramadhan doa so that I can live to meet and  fast this Ramadhan,1436.First day is my normal weak day as I grow older.Now,I am 64 years old according to Hjiri calender;and that is a year older than the age of my beloved Prophet Muhammad's age when he passed away.I am now living on injury time or EOT.

Death or sickness can come to me at any time.About 10 of my batch at SDAR had passed away,many are sick etc.It is imperative that I must make full use of my Ramadhan to worship Allah,obey His Commands and seek His pleasure.

Now, I have less and less senior members of my family as the years go by,I feel that my time to die is getting nearer and nearer.However,I am a very lucky man of 62 years old and still have my mother who is 81 years old.Alhamdulilah.

I am posting this note just to record my gratitude to Allah for His mercy and rezeki that  I am still alive and my doa for a blessed Ramadhan.

To my fellow muslim readers,may I wish you Ramadhan Kareem and may Allah bless you with His Rahmah,Barakkah and Forgiveness,insyaAllah

Monday, 15 June 2015




Let me send my GREETING RAMADHAN KAREEM to all my fellow muslims and muslimahs all over the world.It is a special month that only we muslims and muslimahs fast willingly for a month globally at The Command of Allah.NO KINGS OR EMPERORS CAN COMMAND ALL THEIR SUBJECTS TO FAST AND BE OBEYED WILLINGLY.

We have a few more days to get prepared for Ramadhan.How do we get prepared to celebrate a few days of Eid?Ramadhan is a month long FESTIVAL OF IBADAH.Let us get TO know the PROPER ADAB and plan the rules of engagement with Ramadhan so that we get the most barakah and rahmah,insyaAllah.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lecture on the meaning and purpose of Education

Date:13/6/2105 Saturday :9-11pm @Dewan  Utama,UTM,KL, by Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor bin Wan Daud,Director of CASIS.

Saturday Night Lecture was my favourite event during the ISTAC days.To listen to Prof Dr Syed Naquib Al-Attas was a privilege for common folks like me.The scholars flocked to ISTAC just to be members of the audience.For me,I felt embarassed to be sitting on the same bench with learned souls.But I did go to seek the knowledge of the esteemed scholar Prof Dr Syed Naguib Al-Attas.It was during these lectures that I met and became friends with Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor bin Wan Daud and Prof Dr Muhamad Zainy Uthman.As they say,the rest is history.

Fast track to CASIS,UTM,KL...

To me,it is a new place for the scholars of ISTAC to continue their mission to spread the right knowledge on  Islam and propagate Islamic scholars traditions.I salute their efforts and pray that Allah facilitates their endeavours to achieve their vision and mission.

The topic for that night was the meaning and the purpose of education.The Islamic vis-a-vis The Secular philosophy of education was expounded by Prof Wan Mohd Nor.Knowing what I have been through my so called education,I need to be re-educated.My namesake Adib  is haunting me because I did not have  the proper ta'adib to be a Man of Adab.Now,I know why my country has many problems.[Ramai yang baidab]

InsyaAllah,I will spend some time to study about being a Man of Adab and based on my corporate and entreprenuer experience,I will develop a few hours of lectures for MBA program  embedded with the discipline of Adab.

Saturday, 13 June 2015


There are two places that I usually got lost whenever I am at a shopping complex or at the airport.My wife knew about it  since twenty years ago.After her window shopping,she will look around  for me.If I am not with her,she will call me to locate my where about.In the event of no telephone signals or busy lines,she will go the bookshop or a cafe.Most of the time,she will find me there.

Kinokuniya is the biggest bookshop in Kuala Lumpur.It has the stock of most books whenever I want to buy one.At the same time,the bookshop has a cafe on its mezzanine floor.That is why it is my favourite and preferred bookshop in Malaysia.

Another two bookshops I like to go in and look for books are The Borders and MPH.Their bigger outlets also have cafes.Both have branches near my place in Bangi.

When I was a student at  SDAR(65-68),TIKL(69-72) and Sheffield University(73-76),I don't have enough money to buy any other books than my text books.The WEB did not exist then during my student days;so my knowldge had to come from my teachers and the school and town libraries.How lucky is my children generation where ICT is their great enabler to access information,get knowledge and facilitator to communication.

As a typical Malaysian student,I only read to pass examination.My reading habit picked up when I was in England.When I returned home to Malaysia,the good habit fades away.Thank God,I managed to get back my reading habit when I joined the corporate world in the 90s.There was a lot of things I need to learn moving from engineering world to business world.Through seminar,workshop and reading books,I can get access to knowledge for my new job responsibilities.

From my experience living in Kelantan,Kedah and Kuala Lumpur,we cannot depend on public libraries for our books to read.I have to allocate RM50-RM100 for my reading materials.It means that I must buy books from the bookshops.That is why I visit bookshops twice a month.

Reading made me want to write.Since I am not good enough to be a writer,so I become a blogger.So here I am-blogging about bookshops.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Grandson Birthday Party




Dear my son Munir,
Last night,I was talking to your mother about what birthday present to give to you when you will be 11 years old next week on June 27th;2000. You mother told me that you don't want any presents, just a "nasi buryani " treat at Restoran Insaf at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman is good enough for you. Thanks for your understanding to save money,for your dad's business is just about to pull out of the last recession.I thought of buying a book but decide not to since you have not finish reading the one I just bought a month ago.To me,you are still a baby boy but I did not realise that you have grown up-so fast.You did not ask for any toys just like when you were six years old. That reminds me a week before when I wanted to hold your hand as we stepped onto the escalator at KLCC ,when you refused me to hold your hand. Subsconsciously,I thought you still need me to hold you and I still wanted to protect you from falling down. I was wrong; for you are now a big boy-soon to be 11 years old;you donot need me anymore to cross the KL roads and to hold you when we are on the escalator.May be in one year's time,you will be leaving me and your mother -just like your eldest brother who was selected to go to a boarding school. How your mom and me wish you will never grow up and be our youngest son forever, age ten all the time.But you know and I know,your mom and me could not either stop you from growing up and leaving us or stop the time.
The best birthday that I could recollect was when you were four years old. Of course,we had another birthday party when you were eight,but not as good as when you were four.On that occassion,I invited about fifty people to come to A&W restaurant at PJ to give you a real birthday bash.For your info, I never had a birthday party when I was small.Your grandparents never gave me a birthday present or holding any birthday party. It was not in our culture those days. I remember you got more toys than you could play and our guests had more food than they could eat. And I became a child like you dancing to the music.I did remember we played the musical chairs.And also seeing your smiling face buried in the birtday cake after you blew the candles.What a great sight!I love every minutes of it. Honestly,your mom and me enjoyed the party as much as you did. It was the best birthday party that we had ever had! And now I know,I will never have any more bithday parties like that;for you are now a growing up young man and not a child anymore( as you told me some months ago). May be ,we will host another grand one when you are twelve to mark the end of your childhood;and also to give me another chance to be a birthday daddy.
A few days ago you came home with along face;I think about a foot long if I can measure correctly.I saw the sad face with some tears;and I know you must have quarrelled with someone or you lost a game. By the way, I am quite good at this thing for I can read you like a book. Since there was a guest at home at that time, I did not ask you why. Through the corner of my eyes,I saw you sulking away on the sofa. I know something was wrong. When our guest left the house,I went up to your room and we had a chat. You were sad because you were not selected to represent your class in the coming soccer tournament at your school. I know you practised so hard,but others are better than you. I was very glad you feel that way;you have strong feeling about something you really want and you got every right to get angry. I am also happy that early in life you already faced disappointment and learnt the lesson that you will not get everything what you want. That is the reality in life. Honestly,I am happy for you. What made feel scared is because I pampered you too much. You always get everything what you want from me.Even your mother disagreed when I bought too many toys that you sometimes do not even asked for them. May be it was me buying the toys for myself (the child in me) and disguised that as for you-the toys that I didnot get when I was small because my parent could not afford them. Whatever the reasons were, I love watching you playing with the toys.Now, all those toys are in the cupboard .You are growing up:-(Sometimes,I went to the padang watching you playing bicycle and football with your friends.I thought of joining you on the padang,but I decided to be just an observer.
There are a lot of differences between our childhoods. I grew up in late 50's and early 60's and you in the 90's. I took my first flight on BOAC to London when I was 20 years old to further my studies to UK;and yours was when you were two years old from KL to Jakarta. You have visited Indonesia, Australia, Singapore,England, Europe,Japan and US when your age was less than ten and me only in my late 30's and early 40's. You were using my cellular phone calling your friend to fix a football game when you were ten years old and the first time I used a phone when I was 20 years old. Our games are totally different. At your age,I was catching fighting fish in the padi fields and play 'senapang buloh' and you were fighting aliens in your video game called Half Life.My entertainment was watching 'dikir barat' and film shows by Information Department once or twice a year when it comes to my kampung.In your case,you are listening to music from compact discs and watching films on videos and CDs as and when you feel like it. Now,you are online sending emails to your friends and I only saw the first computer in my life during my second year at the University of Sheffield,England. in September,1974. In short,we had a totally different childhood,so much so that I am worried whether you could cope with such exposure.
Like it or not Munir,this is your world. The new world is undergoing rapid change-sometimes it is very unstable and disruptive. As I like to quote: Change is constant,the only constant.This statement is a paradox by itself. You will notice a lot of them in your future life. We have to live with it and manage it as best as we could. As a father,it is my duty to instil the right 'aqidah' and to inculcate good moral values in you. I hope you will accept me as your guide ,something like reading the road signs that you may not understand on your journey. As a person Munir,you have undergone a lot of change. Now,your head is as tall as my shoulders and you are already asking me about the birds and the bees.
Thank God- so far,both of us can manage ourselves and each other quite well.Let's keep that way......all the way.
Happy birthday,Munir!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Education Business OR Business Education

Yesterday,I was invited to attend a briefing by a local business school about its new approach and content on MBA Program.I was invited to submit my CV to be considered as MBA Lecturer based on my industry experience.My lectures will be based on my experiential knowledge and coaching will be done based on my best practice when I was in the corporate world.That sounds interesting and I am planning to join the new tribe of educators in business.Now ,there are a lot of universities  involved in education business,but none that I would recommend for my son to get Business Education.

Over the last 30 years of my  working experience as a senior executive in corporate world and as engineer/businessman in private sector,I had gone through two major recessions that I really got hurt badly-at company and personal levels.Looking back,I think we practised the wrong principles and we were educated with the wrong knowledge.

According to Tan Sri Prof Dr Syed Naguib al-Attas,one of the main factors that contributed to the Fall of Muslims Empires was attributed to lack of ADAB ,especially the errors in knowledge.Wallahuu 'alam.

That is folks for now.I need more time to write notes of my experience to be shared with the new breed of future MBA's.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Elevated Gardens

 I have neither expertise nor interest in gardening,but I love to walk in the garden and take photos of flowers.It sounds very selfish of me,but not everyone can be a good cook and yet everyone loves good food!Some of us were born with green fingers..

There are four elevated gardens in Putrajaya,but the best one is at Taman Saujana Hijau as shown above.I love to walk there with my wife and cycle there with my friends.Every time,I arrive here,I must take home at least 50 photos.


Sunday, 7 June 2015



My wife and me are regular visitors to FLORIA PUTRAJAYA.This is its 8th edition.Previously,it was managed by Putrajaya Corporation but for this year,it is given to a company wholly owned by Putrajaya.It is a flower festival with international participation and also a good opportunity to buy flowers to plant in our own private gardens.

For me,it is not just walking around in  BIG GARDEN but it is a great ooportunity to snap photos of flowers that I seldom see and their creative arrangements never fail to attract me.Flower industry is a billion dollars business in Europe and I do hope that my country can be successful in this business as well.Overall,I saw a great improvement in management,layout,pedestrians movement and facilities but the contents i.e flowers was not as good as the 2010 Flower Festival.

I love flowers,especially tulips in Keukenhof but I am not a gardener like my wife.At home,she takes care of our small garden.She  has green fingers,but I have click fingers.My role is only to take photos.We do the best we can.Well,life is like that folks.

Saturday, 6 June 2015


I was following quietly on our batch whatapps group.It was not easy to get two claases of us to get together at one place where many of us are living all over Malaysia- not to mention that 50 years have passed by.. 

Thank God,we managed to get about two dozens of us to attend our Alumni SDARA Anual Dinner 2015 yesterday.I managed to see again my old buddies when we parted our separate ways since 1968!It was a very happy occasion for many of us celebrating our 50th Anniversary since we first met in January,1965!

A group of my classmates has formed a singing group.As shown above,they went up the stage and sang the song Masihkah Kau Ingat with some contents modified.It was fun and nostalgic.

As in any celebration,we need good food to fuel the engine to rejoice the event.Below,I shot three of the gang members when they were having desserts after their dinner.All of us wore a specially designed jackets for this event and wore hats as well.We look  more like some gangsters in Sicily,Italy.

The dinner was for all SDARA Alumni Members.To get more time togther among us who sat for MCE(O Level) in 1970,we met for tea three hours earlier.We hugged each other and started telling our grand father's story-the pun is intended.Everyone has more than one story to tell.The noice was deafening and teh tarik kept pouring in.

To you my dear classmates,let us grow old gracefully.As many of us know about each other,we never grow up.We remain Budak SDAR forever..Once A Sdarian...

Friday, 5 June 2015


Most of us tell and believe that we are believers,but how come we still disobey Allah and do little for the nexd world?One of the main reasons is our level of yaqin.Let me share this note below I cut/paste from Nasiha.I hope this note will motivate us to do more ibadah during this Ramadhan and continue there from until the day we are called upon to meet our Lord..
Al-Muminun (The Believers)Chapter 23: Verses 60-61
Hearts Filled With Fear
"Those who give what they have given (i.e. charity) and whose hearts are filled with fear by the very idea that they shall return to their Lord. Such people are truly racing towards their own welfare and they are the first to reach them."
Unwavering Belief in the truth of the Hereafter:
  • This verse is describing the inner state of mind of the believers who are always conscious about the acceptance of their good deeds by Allah. They worry whether their charities are accepted or not. This concept of "fear" was the corner-stone that strengthened the sense of responsibility among the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him). 
  • There was a deep certainty in their hearts that one Day they would have to rise and account for all the worldly deeds, small or big. Their whole life was divided between hope for Allah’s mercy and fear of His punishment. Only Islam, unlike any other faith, is able to strike such a perfect balance between the two.
The Source of their Struggle and Patience:
They had already known that life, with all its pains, was worthless when compared with the Hereafter. Such deep convictions brought about in them a sense of indifference to all troubles and hardships that attended their life for the sake of Islam.
Examples of Umar and Hassan Al-Basri (may Allah be pleased with them):
  • A concrete interpretation of this verse is given by Caliph Umar (may Allah be pleased with him). Although he served Allah in a way that was exemplary, yet he was so afraid of accountability to Him, as he once said, "I shall consider it a favor (from Allah), if I am neither rewarded or punished in the Hereafter." 
  • Hassan Al-Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) once said, "A believer obeys Allah and is yet fearful of Him, whereas a hypocrite disobeys Allah and is still fearless of Him!" How ironic it is.....
Compiled From:
"The Sealed Nectar" - Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri
"Towards Understanding the Quran" - Syed Abul Ala Maududi

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lessons from The Street Photographer

If there is a free seminar or talk on photography,I will attend it. Even if I have to pay,I will.This is one of the most cost effective way to learn about my camera and how to take better photos.At the same time,I can meet fellow photographers who are better than me.Most of them are willing to share their knowledge and experience.The above photo shown was yesterday Fuji X-Perience Phototalk in conjunction with the launching of Fujifilm X-10.Since I already have Fujifilm X-T1,I was more interested to listen to the speakers on their experience being X-Photographers of World Class!

One of the lessons that I learnt was to keep shooting everyday and for each week I must select one shot as my best photo.In one year,I will at least have a collection of 50 good shots.This process will keep me challenging my ability to shoot better photos 50 times in one year.According to Mr Shanker,a photographer and journalist,this challenge will push us to the higher level.He also mentioned  about shooting photos with great colours and contrast.One of the recommmended place is a market where there are  always a lot of people with a hive of activites.Location is very important to give the context of the story.And the story should be captured with feeling.

From my short experience in shooting better photos,it is very difficult to get a good visual with great story and feeling.But then,that is the challenge to be a good photographer!

 Traffic light junction is one good location in the city to take photos.Most cars and people stop and wait here.I could see a lot of colours and characters at this location.

The above photo is very unique if you walk along this sidewalk.If we were driving through this road,we only see these windows as doors.However,only yesterday I peeped into the 'doors' and found out that these 'doors' are actually windows to an old kopitiam .The floor level of this restaurant is about 1 metre below this pedestrians sidewalk!

This is one nice and well maintained five-foot way a.k.a 'kaki lima' in Malay.We can see and capture a lot of things happening on kaki lima.At the same time,we should capture old buildings with great architecture.They are fading away very fast..

If we walk the streets and open our eyes,we could see the varieties of the way we dress,the way we walk and behave and people interactions.Everyone is very busy going their own ways.It makes me think and ponder about my own life..

As they say,life on the street is the mirror of how how society lives.We have everything-the good,the bad and the ugly ones.C'est la vie..

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Red alert!

Just a short note of a little discovery while I was at the bus stop next to Ampang Park LRT Station.It was there all the time but I did not notice it as a good location for me to take STREET PHOTOGRAPHY photos.Most of the time,we see something and they just pass by our car windows.We see but we did not notice.And when we do notice,then we begin to see things a little bit deeper..

Sadly,most of the things,people,events etc just pass our lives just like that.We see and seldom ponder..In fact,we live and learn very little.Most of the time,we are just passing through...

Monday, 1 June 2015

Expect nothing but I got juxtaposition!

 Yesterday,I got the meaning of expect nothing in street photography.Accompanying my wife to get back her watch sent for repairs at a shop along Jalan Bukit Bintang,I took along my compact camera Lumix LX5 to shoot something that may look interesting.On arrival,when I saw something worth snapping,I read the notice that my SD was NOT inside the camera.I forgot to put it back after downloading my cycling photos I took in the morning.So,what choice do  I have other than using my mobile phone.

The photo shown above is a picture of my photowalking group when I was with them some months back in KL.We were armed to the teeth,so to speak but not yesterday! The same thing happened when I was in Alamanda a month ago.I saw a group of buskers and yet I didnot have a camera with me.So,below is another shot with my Note3.

Below is something on juxtaposition.I was amused to see a man carrying a bag in the advertisement photo was looking at the ladies waiting for the green traffic light to cross the road.Otherwise,it is just a shot of four ladies on the sidewalk.
In street photography,nothing can be planned.I just shoot whatever comes along the way.The pun is intended.However,with some experience,I knew where to wait for something interesting that may take place.Many a time,I got nothing worth sharing..